Monday, April 11, 2011

Welcome back to Virginia, Coach Boyle!

Joanne Boyle, who coached for six years at Cal, three years at Richmond and started her career as an assistant at her alma mater, Duke, was introduced as Virginia's fourth head coach at noon on Monday. Here are a few snippets from her press conference.

I'm proud to acknowledge coach Ryan as my coach, mentor and dear friend.

I want to express how blessed I feel coming back to the ACC, which is a homecoming for me.

I talked to Debbie on Saturday and have a great relationship with her. She's a legend and she's the one who has paved the way for us younger coaches.

Boyle spoke about time and place being a factor in her decision to leave Cal after six years: There were a lot of things going on. I never expected it,. It wasn't something planned. When opportunities arrive, you always say, 'What does that look like for me?'

Boyle was offered the head coaching job at Duke but declined when Gail Goestenkors left in 2007:  When the Duke job came open, I had just been at Cal for two years. ... After two years, we hadn't done a whole lot. We hadn't made it to the tournament; we were building a program. I hadn't gotten it where I wanted to get it. ... I didn't feel at that time I could ask them to believe in me and walk this path and just turn around and leave.

I struggled with it; I'm not saying it was an easy decision. There are just other factors that made it seem right. ... I just kept coming back to the ACC and my family and the time in my life and the challenge for me. .... It's never easy to leave a team.

On the ACC: I've watched a couple of tapes on the plane. We all need depth; we all need physical post play; we all need guard play. ... Put out a great product, have kids buy into the system and just play a high level of basketball and a game that's fun to watch.

On recruiting in the East: I know a lot of the East Coast people. Even when I went out west we tried to recruit some East Coast kids.

It's huge. It's no different than how we approach Cal. Really the theme is protect your state. .... You've got to sell what you have and there's a great product here. It's the academics and the athletics. ... It's selling what I believe in. You've got to sell your state and keep as many kids at home.

On hiring a staff: I need to have East Coast connections, so that's a part of that. I want a great x's and o's person with me. ... So there's just a balance going on. ... I've got feelers out, phone calls out. I don't want to build it immediately. I want to make sure it's the best fit to get off the ground running.

On JPJ Arena: It's an unbelievable facility, the best I've seen.
My goal is to do the best I can and win as much as I can and build a sustaining program and build a championship team. ... My goal isn't to come in and be average.

In talking with the Cavaliers: I told them this morning I'm pretty transparent. What you see is what you get. ... My faith is the biggest thing I have in my life so far. If God wasn't in my life, I don't know where I'd be.

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