Tuesday, May 17, 2011

(Updated) Tweet, tweet, tweet on the end of the Wendy Larry era at Old Dominion

Social media reaction from former players and friends about the end of the Wendy Larry era at Old Dominion:

As a former coach and proud double alum of the university, I am both embarrassed and incensed for my program and my school. Wendy - and the legacy she built and sustained for Lady Monarch Basketball - deserved much better.

And, oh, by the way, she had 20 wins this season, was CAA Coach of the Year last season for the 8th time, and went to the Sweet 16 in 2008. Not many coaches around the country with that kind of recent success are being treated like this, but apparently we are supposed to win the CAA every single year and go to the Sweet 16 as well or the season is a failure. --former ODU assistant Allison Greene

I wish I can just say Thanks to Wendy Larry and tell her GoodLuck even tho we not on good terms!! I will always have love for her! - Pryncess Tate-Dublin

Coach Larry has stepped down from coaching? I can barely write this. I am in shock! - Nyree Roberts.

Wendy larry was the best head coach I ever had. Off the court we won't on the same page but she made me a smarter ball player. Shoutout to her and her accomplishments - Jazzmin Walters

"I honestly didn't see this coming at all. I guess the best way to describe it is that I was shocked. … For her to resign -- it seems like something she wouldn't do. … I know there were rumors, there was stuff about her contract. … I just feel like, where's the loyalty? I know the program hasn't been doing great for the last couple of years, but she has done so much for the program. If she didn't leave on her own terms, it would be sad. She's an amazing coach and an amazing person, and it's a very sad day for women's basketball. - Ticha Penicheiro, to the Daily Press

Where my ODU people at?? What about Coach Larry stepping down?? Crazy uhm?? She's one of the best coaches I ever had + a friend 4 life!# sad -- Ticha on Twitter

Wendy Larry has resigned at ODU. Coaching against her teams while at Delaware was always the best. Always loved seeing her while recruiting. - Chris Campbell, Maryland director of basketball operations.

 - one of the best Wendy Larry moments, which at the time was my least favorite. - Amy Mulligan, University of Virginia media relations (link is to an ESPN story about ODU's Final Four victory over Stanford).

WOW, I am truly saddened by the news that my good friend and the best boss I ever had is stepping down from ODU! I know I'm not the only one who will miss her coaching the Lady Monarchs with her signature towel hanging on her shoulder.. :) You'll never know how much you miss something or somebody until they're gone.. Wendy you'll be very much missed, but never ever forgotten!!! -- ODU former assistant Alisa Scott
Wow Wendy??? Oh my gaw! -- former Lady Monarch Tiffany Thompson
I can't believe that coach larry won't be on the odu bench! This is crazy. -- former ODU manager Felecia Allen


  1. ODU is truly making a big mistake. Coach Larry will be missed. We loved watching her and the journey she has taken the team through. They did all this at a pretty crappy time with all the players not on campus. Let's hope they all come back and we don't loose the new ones coming in! Real classy ODU! We wish you the best Wendy!

    1. Hey whats coach wendy larry's status. Does she want to coach again? Will she coach again? Any news?