Monday, September 24, 2012

Top 100 forward Camille Calhoun chooses VCU

VCU is racking up 2013 verbal commitments so quickly we can barely keep track of them. And the Rams' latest might be its biggest get yet - ESPN Top 100 forward Camille Calhoun of Archbishop Spalding in Maryland. Here's what she had to say about becoming a Ram, getting taller (fingers crossed) and just being "Mille."

First of all, you have exactly 12 Twitter followers. What's up with that?

Hey, I just started like four days ago, so don't hold me to that. You know, you can shout me out if you want and maybe I'll get some more.

No problem. Hey VCU fans, head over to @im_mille and hook the young lady up. Now, why VCU?

I went on my visit and I liked what the coaches had to say. They already had players in my class that were highly recruited. The school had my major (sports medicine/athletic training). I loved the coaches. So it was all there.

Your impressions of Marlene Stollings?

Very offensive-minded. Her thing is score, score, score, score, score. That lady, well, first of all she loves to win. But she loves putting points on the board, too.

Is there an assistant you had a particular bond with?

I liked all the coaches, but I guess you could say Niki Dawkins. That lady is hilarious, and she can talk to anyone and make them feel like a normal person.

What schools did VCU beat out?

College of Charleston, Delaware and Pitt.

What kind of player is VCU getting?

I think I'm a very versatile player. I'm 5-10, but I'm hoping I can grow. I mean I've got big feet and big hands, so I praying.... I was always the tall girl so I developed a lot of low-post moves. But I play the three so my face-up game is pretty good. I've been working on the (3-point shot) so I'll be able to add that. But I can also take people to the hoop. So I'm pretty versatile.

Best player you've ever played against?

Jonquel Jones (former Riverdale Baptist star who is now a freshman at Clemson).

Favorite player?

Alana Beard. I play for her Future (AAU) team, but it's more about her demeanor. You might think she would be cocky, but this lady is so humble. That's kind of how I want to be.

Give us a self-portrait of Camille Calhoun.

I can be kind of shy if I don't know you. But once I feel we've clicked I'm a totally different person. And I like to make people laugh. And as you can probably tell, I'm very confident.


I've played the bass violin since seventh grade. Before that I played the violin.

And when you're not playing basketball or the bass violin?

I like to shop.

We get that a lot. For any particular item, like shoes?

Yeah, I love shoes, trust me.

And we love the fact that you're honest about your height. A lot of people add a couple of inches just for the heck of it.

I've seen everything from 5-9 to 6-2. But I'm 5-10 and a half. You can say 5-11 if you want. But I wear a size 13 men's shoe, so hopefully I'm still growing.

Finally, tell us one more interesting thing about you.

Every year since the seventh grade I've been in a championship game.

Cool. And I'm sure VCU is rooting for you to keep that tradition going, through this year and the next four.

Me, too.

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