Friday, October 5, 2012

Parade All-American, once bound for ODU, lands at VCU

VCU has its first Parade All-American on the roster.

Kaneisha Atwater, recruited under Wendy Larry to attend Old Dominion, is a freshman for the Rams this season.

The 5-7 combo guard from Fort Pierce (Fla.) Westwood High, was among 40 honored on the 2011 Parade All-American team. In high school, she led her team in points (29.2) assists (6.2) and steals (7.9), adding 7.5 rpg. She saw time at all five positions and posted six triple-doubles as a senior. In addition, she ranks ninth all time in the state in the 400 meters (1:02.17).

Atwater did not play basketball last year and she considered going to a junior college in her hometown.

Atwater knew VCU assistant Nikita Dawkins, a former assistant to Larry at ODU. Dawkins is a first-year assistant to new Rams coach Marlene Stollings.

"I got a call from coach Niki to visit the (VCU) campus, and I fell in love with it," Atwater said. "It was just a  yes from there."

Atwater said she stayed in shape, but did not play much on-court ball, opting for cardio instead. She declined comment as to why she opted not to attend ODU.

"I'm not where I was, but I'm going to be better than where I was," Atwater said. "I have the best coaching staff ever. I love the support and the positiveness that they give. They're here for us as ballplayers and young women."

Atwater said in a short time she was bonded with teammate Zakia Williams a junior.

"She's just a leader," Atwater said. "She knows where I want to get to, and she's here to help."

The Parade All-American honor was huge, she said. She brought the plaque Parade awarded her to Richmond.

"I didn't know how to act," she says. "I didn't know whether I should cry or be excited. It's a big privilege."

As for her game....."I'm getting better on my 3-point shot."

As for the A-10, "I'm excited to play for the A-10. It's going to be a great year."

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  1. Not hiring Coach Dawkins in the end is gonna bite the Lady Monarchs in the you know what, smh