Sunday, November 17, 2013

Pruwit! from former Hampton star, now in Ukraine

High school star to MEAC Player of the Year at Hampton to pro in the Ukraine

Thanks to Keiara Avant for taking the time to chat with LadySwish. Last year's all-everything from Hampton is playing for Dynamo Kiev in the Ukraine, putting her accounting job at hold at KPMG, an audit, tax and advisory firm. The 5-11 guard is averaging 10 ppg for Dynamo Kiev (4-0).

Describe your typical day.

 A typical day for me in Kiev involves two practices. One in the morning and one in the evening. In between practices I usually read, cook, and/or sleep.

How does Kiev compare to Virginia?

Kiev is different from Virginia in a number of ways --  there is also a lot more traffic. What stands out the most to would be the driving. I can't really say that they follow many  of the traffic rules and regulations, which has resulted in a number of accidents I have witnessed.

What do you miss about America?

What I miss most besides my family, is American food. My favorite restaurants back home are Chipotle and Chick-fil-A. When I return home I'm sure that's all I will eat for at least a month!

Taking Russian in school must have helped a lot

I became fascinated with the Russian language at the start of 8th grade. I had a very good Russian teacher who broke down the language in a way that made learning easy and fun.

What stands out about your time at Hampton? (Pirates just had a big win vs. Southern Miss., by the way):

What stands out as special about my time at HU would have to be my four MEAC tournament championships, the four NCAA appearances, and receiving the first MEAC Player of the Year in Hampton's history.

How did you get into accounting?

My aunt really presented to me the opportunities of accounting, and when I took financial and managerial accounting I found interest and thought more about my future in accounting. I like accounting because working in the public practice, I get to be exposed to a lot of businesses and can study them. Learning about clients businesses and applying what I've learned in accounting bring out the fun in accounting for me.

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