Monday, August 11, 2014

JMU's Dawn (Evans) on Dawn: "Hollywood, here I come!"

LadySwish caught up with James Madison great Dawn Evans, who's recovering nicely from kidney surgery. She hasn't ruled out a return in basketball (and yes, Dawn, there is a Filipino national team!), but at the moment, she's Cali bound, pursuing that acting itch (remember, she was a child star). Her are Dawn's words about life as she knows it, and as always, LadySwish thanks her for sharing.

Burbank is where I will be taking classes at the New York Film Academy in Los Angeles/ Burbank. It's strange because when I was applying to the school, the housing complex that they use is actually the exact complex I lived in as a child pursuing acting, Oakwood Corporate Housing. But I still haven't decided if I want to live there yet, although the students of the school get discounted prices. My plan is actually to move to California in an apartment with Keyla Snowden, who played at the University of Kentucky; we will be roommates, but until we find the perfect apartment I will live with people I know for the first couple weeks. 

BUT . . . I haven't completely ruled out basketball. This is just me making the most of what was a difficult situation, and honestly it's been perfect timing. My dad got stationed in Clarksville back almost 23 years ago, and my family has been in Tennessee ever since, away from all our extended family but since recently, my mom has joined my dad and they are now both retired. My family is moving back to their home in Texas. Austin Texas specifically, extremely soon, like with weeks soon, My brother and nephew will still be in Tennessee but most likely not Clarksville, and I am moving to LA which is perfect timing really and I get to take advantage of this time off recovering. 

Which, back to the basketball -- I am doing and well. Things are great. It's only been almost four and a half months, and my kidney health is nearly perfect, thanks to my cousin and Vanderbilt :). Your body is most prone to rejection within the first year, and I want to maintain this blessing for as long as possible, I don't want to push things too soon. Yes, I am working out -- that's just in my blood, but I'm not pushing professional basketball player workouts anytime soon. Even though when I get in the gym, it's hard to maintain myself. I want to be the old D, running and shooting and it feeling great without missing a beat! I know in due time. Right now I'm working out, staying tone, and headed back to LA, this time feeling great about it because I don't have basketball hanging over my head, because it's just not an option right now.

I compare it to any other major basketball injury except I've seen people recover from common knee injuries, and returning to basketball is hard especially with all the lateral movement. Yes, I have this big war wound on my right side, but once that incision healed, the rest of my body felt ready for another season. I can't say though that I'm not keeping myself in a position where in the next five months I could be prepared for a contract somewhere nice in Europe, Asia, maybe South America. My agent is always locked and loaded for that -- that man has done magic for my situation in keeping people completely understanding of my health with their misperception of my not being able to play due to people just not understanding. Maybe France, I loved it mostly there, but anywhere with good basketball and where I can stay safe with all the madness in Europe right now. And because I have the capability to get a Filipino passport (currently in the process of that),  it would be nice to just play there as a citizen or on a national team if they even have one. But in the meantime, I'll be in LA, doing what I've loved even before basketball. 

Imagine that.



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