Monday, November 24, 2014

Two-minute drill: Norfolk State's Rae Corbo

NSU's Rae Corbo
Great subject, poor production values.

That about sums up Episode One of the Two Minute Drill (excuse the football parlance), our soon-to-be regular crack at getting to know some the state's terrific players. See, as writers, we certainly know our way around a keyboard. But when it comes to video technology - even the basic stuff - well, Bo, we don't know Diddley.

I mean, poor Rae Corbo. She's patiently sitting there after a tough game against Hofstra, and we're like, "How do you hold the camera?

"Where should I stand?"

"Where should she look?"

Pretty embarrassing stuff, no question. But hey, most 12-year-olds have shooting video from a phone down cold, and we're college graduates. How much longer can it take for us to figure it out?

By the way, do you know of any 12-year-olds with free time on their hands?

Anyway, with a huge assist from Norfolk State's Mike Bello, we were finally able to get a few thoughts from one of the top players in the state in the can. Thanks, Rae. It was fun learning a bit about a player we've enjoyed watching the past few years.

Oh, and ladies, if you think you still have a chance with Kevin Durant, forget about it.

Evidently, he's taken.

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