Tuesday, December 16, 2014

JMU's Perez debuts in style

I've never met or spoken to Ashley Perez. Never seen her pound out a single dribble.

But for one day - Dec. 15, 2014 - Ashley Perez was my favorite player.

That was the day Perez, a 5-8 junior guard who transferred from St. John's at last year's semester break, was finally able to take the court as a full-fledged JMU Duke.

Now we'll spare you the rant, but suffice to say I'm not big on the NCAA rule that mandates athletes sit out a year after transferring - especially in a world where coaches change teams, and for a while there teams were changing conferences, the way some people change underwear (although if we're being honest, I'm glad I'm not married to one of those people).

Besides, as a former Division I athlete (tennis, anyone?), I know what that time in athletic purgatory is like.

Perez's debut played out in Athens, Ohio, and in a perfect world, it would have ended with her hitting the game-winning 3 or some such heroic. Of course, women's basketball games don't go according to script (except maybe at UConn). But in this case, real life turned out pretty well, too.

To paraphrase former Georgia Tech/NBA star Kenny Anderson, looks like there's another horse in Kenny Brooks' stable.

 Welcome to JMU Nation, Ashley.

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  1. Perez started at St. Johns before deciding to transfer. Indeed she adds even more strength to JMU's team which now has three players averaging in double figures (led by Hall @23 ppg) plus three more players averaging 9 or more ppg.