Tuesday, November 24, 2015

W&M's Boggs saves game, then wins game

The free throw William and Mary freshman Bianca Boggs drained with one second left to boost the Tribe past Loyola (Md.) 62-61 Monday night understandably made the headline.

But before Boggs could win the game, she had to save the game. So as clutch as that free throw was, the biggest play of the night may have come a few seconds earlier when the 5-8 rookie combo guard closed out quickly and blocked the Greyhounds' potential game-winning 3-pointer to set up the dramatic conclusion.

Now, we'll admit the sight of Boggs charging hard at Loyola's Diana Logan made us a bit nervous. Had we realized Boggs leads the team in personal fouls (14) we'd have been even more nervous. Tribe coach Ed Swanson, on the other hand, probably liked his odds a whole lot better. About a year ago, upon signing Boggs, he called her "a high-energy, high-effort type kid" and added that "she fits in very nicely to what we like to do defensively."

You nailed it, Coach. Boggs not only timed the play perfectly, but also kept the deflection in play and appeared poised to pluck the ball out of the air herself before Logan bumped into her from behind (Go to the 2:21 mark on the above video to see the sequence).

It was Boggs' first blocked shot of the season - . again, perfect timing.

It seemed as though the Greyhounds had fouled the wrong young lady, as Boggs stepped to the line having made 14 of her 16 free throw attempts on the young season. But nothing comes easily to this Tribe, so naturally Boggs missed her first try. And it was a flat-out brick, too, caroming off the rim, the rim again and then the backboard before crashing to the deck.

But the second one was money, and the Tribe (3-1) left the floor winners. 

Bianca Boggs, ladies and gentlemen. We suspect you'll be hearing quite a bit more from her as this season unfolds.

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