Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Sneak peek inside JMU's Jazmon Gwathmey

Here's what we know you know about CAA Player of the Year Jazmon Gwathmey:

MVP of the CAA tournament for the last three years (a feat only Old Dominion's Shareese Grant can match), the 6-2 redshirt senior from Bealton, Va., averages 20.7 ppg. (Remember this is a kid who scored 9.4 ppg a year ago when she could do everything consistently but score.)

Now here's what you don't know about Gwathmey:

*The spelling  isn't a typo. Her mom named her Jazmon to be different and it's pronounced Jaz-MONN.

*Muff Mickens calls her Bert. Former teammate Kanita Shepherd gave her the nickname stemming from "Bert and Ernie."

*She was a cheerleader, fact courtesy of her Liberty High School coach Lauren Milburn, an avid supporter of her former player. Mention the memory to Jazmon and while she remembers her pom-pom days, it is with a groan, "I was very, very young," she stresses.

*Her shoe boxes pile from floor to closet. "I'm a shoes guru," she says, noting she's partial to Jordans. 

*Tattoos painted up and down both arms commemorate her brother, Brandon, stabbed to death her freshman year of high school. He was 22.

*Loves Kobe. Liked Steph Curry during his Davidson days.

*Loves her Yorkie/Chihuahua, Nyla, even more

*"Criminal Minds" season 11 is her indulgence. "I have a three-story house and sometimes I get freaked sitting in the basement watching it."

* Spencer Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler) is her favorite character.

*She could go a whole week eating nothing but pasta.

*She owns a purple elephant, but no Republican will receive her vote this fall. She's not into politics, but plans to read up on Hillary and Bernie before deciding.

*She's hopeful for the WNBA but exploring opportunities in Spain, Russia and Greece.

*"I never expected to be Player of the Year. I was more of do what I have to do to make the team win."

*Finance was her hardest class at JMU; a leadership grad class with professor Julie Wallace Carr. She's a sports and recreation management major, business minor

*Stay away from the theater class at JMU; it's the gen-ed to avoid.

*She's afraid of heights. "When we go on planes, I don't like it."

Stay away from the window seat en route to Louisville; Dukes are a No. 11 seed slated to meet No. 6 DePaul on Friday at noon!

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