Saturday, November 26, 2016

This LadySwish battle is just a fantasy

ODU's Jennie Simms, our overall No. 1 pick
Fantasy...women’s basketball?

Hey, why not?  Why should football, baseball and basketball folks have all the fun?

Since there’s only two of us, we’ll have to settle for a two-team league. We’ll call it, hmmm, how ‘bout the LadySwish League? No points for creativity, but it fits..

The rules: The initial draft consists of 10 players, with all active Division I players in Virginia eligible. We’ll add each add one player each week after the Thanksgiving weekend to reach a 15-player roster limit. No one is ever dropped; once you draft ‘em, they’re yours for the rest of the season (except in the case of injury).  Ten players are activated each week. The categories  - points, made 3s, rebounds, assists, steals and blocks. Results will be updated weekly.

Just before the season started, we staged our player draft. Now, we either waded through reams of data before making each selection, or picked names off the top of our heads during the drive to Harrisonburg. One of the two….

Anyway, the draft recap: .

First round

Vicki - Jennie Simms, Old Dominion - “A triple-double in the making, every night!”

Paul - Malia Tate-DeFreitas, Hampton - “Hey, did we come up a fair, impartial way of deciding who gets right to draft Simms, or did you just tell me I’m picking second? I can’t recall…. No matter. Love Jennie, but I got me a stud, too. MTD, you’re with me.

Second round

Vicki - Marlena Tremba, William and Mary - “Love everything about her, including the way she plays the cello.”

Paul - Precious Hall, JMU - “Are you kidding me? Hall in the second round? Get out of here!

Third round

Vicki - Janelle Hubbard, Richmond - Great to have one-third of (Richmond’s) Big Three.”

Paul - Abby Rendle, William and Mary - “That rarest of species, a post player that can consistently deliver points, rebounds and blocks in bunches? Where do I sign?”

Fourth round

Vicki -Isis Thorpe, VCU - “VCU’s soon-to-be all-time leading 3-point shotmaker definitely deserves a spot on this squad.”

Paul - Aliyah Huland El, Virginia - “I’m feeling a breakout season coming.”

Fifth round

Vicki - Vanessa Panousis, Virginia Tech - “I think she’ll find her range more consistently under Kenny (Brooks).”

Paul - Jephany Brown, Hampton - “Never seen her play, but she comes highly recommended by Hampton coach David Six and, you know, in Six I trust.”

Sixth round
Vicki - Tiffany Padgett, George Mason - “Expect her to have a big year alongside Kara Wright.”

Paul - Janayla White, Radford - “JW’s still on the board? A flat-out steal in the sixth round. Besides, in these uncertain times, us White people need to stick together."

Seventh round

Vicki - Da’Lishia Griffin, JMU - “My kids were (Western Branch) Bruins, too, so I;ve gotta go with the CAA’s leading rebounder.”

Paul - Amber Porter, JMU - “My kids were….nah, just kidding. Blocked shots count, too, and Porter was the queen of rejection in her two years at Stetson. So, as they used to say on “Hollywood Squares.” I’ll take Amber for the block.”

Eighth round

Vicki - Chanette Hicks, Maury - Another Hampton Roads homegirl. She’ll be the difference-maker for Tech.”

Paul - Eboni Gilliam, Longwood - “What’s a draft without a Longwood player? So welcome to the squad, Eboni.”

Ninth round

Vicki - Alexandra Masaquel, William and Mary - “How can you not love the Tribe’s Hawaiian Punch?”

Paul: Destinee Young, Old Dominion - “Got the sweet midrange J market cornered with this pick. Heck of a rebounder, too.”

Tenth round

Vicki - Lauren Tolson, Richmond - “Glad to have two-thirds of Richmond’s Big Three.”

Paul - Kayla Roberts, Norfolk State - “Spartans in the house, y'all! Kayla was a beast as a freshman. I think we’re going to see that Kayla again (please?).”

Remember, we made these picks before the season started, so hold off on giving us grief about the selections. It’s easy to second-guess things now with 4-6 games in the books, but if you roll back to Nov. 11, do you honestly think you could have done better?

Wait, don’t answer that.

The first scoring period ends Sunday, and we’ll provide an update sometime Monday, along with our first one-player expansion draft. Suggestions on which player each of us should add are always welcome ( or I know at least one of us could certainly use the help.

As for how the teams are faring so far, well, without giving away too much, let’s just say that Paul’s Ballers could use a few big performances over the next couple days. Along with some advice on how to pick a team name.

See ya on Monday.

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