Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Virginia Tech gets NCAA grant to boost attendance

If the Hokies can improve their on-court fortunes a bit, the NCAA grant they received to "increase awareness, exposure and attendance of women's basketball" could wind up looking like money well spent. Tech fans have proven they'll stampede Cassell Coliseum in support of this team - the Hokies averaged 5,221 per game in 1998-99 - but not necessarily to see a team that finishes tied for 10th in the ACC - the average was at 2,381 for last season's 15-15 bunch. So while additional funding is always nice, the most important factor in boosting Tech's attendance most likely will remain what happens following tip-off.

The list of 12 schools to receive these grants - 88 applied - was somewhat surprising. I mean, Stanford needs NCAA funding for more exposure? Florida? And Kansas State ranked 25th out of 332 teams in attendance last season. Do those guys really need the extra help? The NCAA apparently thinks so. So remember, folks, if there's a grant or scholarship offer floating around that you think you even remotely qualify for, go ahead and apply. The worse thing that can happen is they'll tell you no. But sometimes, even though you seemingly don't need it nearly as much as others, the answer comes back yes.

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