Thursday, July 1, 2010

The hardest-working girl in the game?

We're already huge fans of soon-to-be Longwood guard Bria White, and not just because she has a world-class last name. You see, several weeks ago, we asked a bunch of incoming freshmen what they would be doing this summer to get ready for their debut season. All of the responses were strong (and greatly appreciated). But Bria's blew us away. So much so that we can't wait to see her in action for the Lancers this season. Because while some opponents may wind up outplaying her (remember, she's just a freshman), we find it hard to believe anyone will outwork her.

Here's Bria's version of "How I'll Spend My Summer":

I workout everyday at my nearby Community center that I've gone to throughout my entire basketball career. I am assigned specific workouts on certain days. I am also on a jumping program to increase my vertical and restrengthen my ankle. Along with my jumping workout, my trainer and I go out to the field where I use my parachute. This is for my endurance and power. I run the field (50 yards) 6 times then go inside to lift weights. I lift While I am tired to ensure that I get the most out of the parachute. After I lift weights I go into the gym to shoot. So, basically with all that said I am on a very strenuous workout, my trainer puts me through very extensive drills, some of which are that of the NBA. Having trainers that have played college basketball and have come from a long line of basketball, Frank Peterson and Sean Tracy are going above and beyond the call of duty to make sure I am ready for division I college basketball. My Schedule is as follows:

Mondays: I alternate weeks where run a mile or use the parachute. Even weeks I run a mile, odd weeks I use the parachute. With the parachute we increase how many up and backs I do. Each week an up and back is added. After I run, my trainer and I go straight to the weight room as a cool down, concentrating on legs and biceps. After our lift, we proceed to the gym where I start my ball handling drills. After ball handling we jump right into our quick release shooting (ranging for about 150 to 200 shots). After shooting we do alot of moves going left (Sweep and go, 1 dribble getting to the basket, 1 dribble pull-ups) Right side we go into NBA moves (Snatch back, Euro Step, ShamGuard, Killer Crossover). On driving to the basket moves, my trainer uses either a pad or a bag to ensure I can get all the way to the basket even with a hit. After our on the go moves I do my 28 week jump program in which we increase reps each week. Even Weeks its Monday, Wednesday Friday. Odd Weeks they are Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.

Tuesday: Parachute or Mile Depending on which week it is, Weight room, Gym (mikans, ball handling, moves, backboard touches, touch the rim the run to half court, shoot repeat 10 times). Post work, Jump Pro workout.

Wednesday: 2 Ball dribbling, All-Americans, post work, defense, dribble pull-up, jab step, Rip Hamilton (catch pump fake shoot or catch pump fake go to the basket) Heavy rope, speed and agility ladder, speed rope, backboard taps with heavy ball. Post work (drop steps, up and unders, turnaround jumpers, high post work).

Thursday: Speed and agility ladder (Heavy rope series) ball handling, game speed moves (cross over, hesitation, stop and go, between the legs) Post work, Jump Pro (depending on what week it is).

Friday: Parachute, Weights, Court work (ball handling, jump shots catch and shoot jab, sweep and go) Post work*Fridays are concentrated on defense so after all of my court work I go on the field and slide down and back 8 times (staying low, or I start all over)

Saturday: Defense lane slides, down and backs, around the gym, stutter step quick slide, back pedal). Post work, Jump Pro (depending on week) court work.

Sunday:  Specially left hand, strength and defense.

You go, girl.

Bria is one of three players in the incoming class the Lancers announced earlier this week. She will be joined by Emilee Dunton, a 5-8 guard out of Forest, Va. whose 526 career assists ranks third in Virginia High School League history, and Mina Jovanovic, a 5-9 guard from Serbia by way of Salt Lake Community College.


  1. I can't wait to see this kid play... do you have a Longwood schedule?

  2. Hey, she's a good friend of mine. She's actually the most amazing female basketball player I've seen in a REALLY long time. :)