Friday, July 23, 2010

New Virginia Union coach has familiar name

Barvenia Wooten-Collier
Barvenia Wooten-Collier, who had 25 points and 16 rebounds for Virginia Union in the 1983 Division II championship game, has returned to her alma mater as the head coach of the now-struggling program. Her first step - to erase the feeling of apathy she feels has permeated Union basketball in recent years.

"I get the feeling that the players, right now, think of basketball as just another thing they have to do," Wooten-Collier said. "I don't see excitement and enthusiasm. I want these kids to understand that the opportunity to play basketball at Virginia Union is a gift. I don't want them to be content merely to play. I want them to perform."

Vicki Collier
Wooten-Collier's daughter, Vicki Collier, just finished an injury-plagued career at Old Dominion and graduated in May with an accounting degree.

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