Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Kobe or LeBron?

Is Kobe a better baller than LeBron? What's the top smartphone on the market? And is Team Edward really hotter than Team Jacob?

Beats us. Fortunately, we were able to assemble a quality panel of basketball/pop culture experts (a thousand thanks, guys!) to help us out.

The panelists

Destiny Spence, Norfolk State: Promising newcomer, diehard Celtics fan (we're getting Shaq!) and owner of one of the great names in the game (Sounds like a secret agent, right? I mean, forget James Bond. Send in Destiny Spence!)

Mairi Buchan, Old Dominion: Scotland-born European U20 Championships gold medalist (Great Britain) and (cross your fingers) potential 2012 Olympian.

Victoria Willems, William and Mary: Brainy Lady Brahma (high school team nickname) with a Texas-sized upside.

Recca Trice, Norfolk State: Exciting young point guard who, at least in this exercise, is a young woman of few words.

Chikilra Goodman, Hampton: Instant offense (just add basketball) baller who led the nation in scoring as a high school senior last year.

And now, the questions

Kobe or LeBron?

Destiny - Kobe-plain and simple, he's just amazing. He has multiple MVP awards and championships. He works hard to be the best. I admire his drive.

Mairi - LeBron

Victoria - Kobe all the way, he's classic.

Recca - Kobe

Chikilra - LeBron because I look up to him and that's my favorite player!

Candace (Parker) or Diana (Taurasi)?

Destiny - Candace- she brought so much joy and a new fan base to women's basketball.

Mairi - Diana Taurasi

Victoria - Diana Taurasi. I used to watch her as a kid growing up and I idolized her.

Recca - Diana

Chikilra - Candace, because I love her game.

Team Edward or Team Jacob?

Destiny - Without a doubt, Team Edward- He is so ROMANTIC and beautiful.

Mairi - Neither: Never seen Twilight!

Victoria - Team Jacob because he is sooooo much hotter haha.

Recca - No answer (apparently not a Twilight follower)

Chikilra - Team Edward, because I like Team Edward!

Drake or Taylor Swift?

Destiny - Drake- he is an awesome lyricist.

Mairi - Taylor Swift

Victoria - Drake all the way. I can't stand listening to Taylor Swift.

Recca - Drake

Chikilra - Drake, because I can relate to Drake's music.

iPhone or Droid?

Destiny - Droid-It's the phone I have. I blame Verizon for this choice since they don't have the iphone 4.

Mairi - iPhone

Victoria - I would have to say Droid since I actually have that phone, although I wouldn't mind an iPhone haha.

Recca - Droid

Chikilra - iPhone, because I have one and I love it!

"Jersey Shore" or "The Real Housewives of New Jersey"

Destiny - Jersey Shore! I absolutely love it. It's so funny. But makes me a little stereotypical; I assume everyone in jersey fist pumps, has really tan skin, and has dark hair. Oh, and a lot of girls probably have Snooki humps in their hair. :)

Mairi - Neither: Never seen either!

Victoria - Neither, I don't really watch either of them, but if i had to pick i would say Jersey Shore because I'm always hearing outrageous stories about the show.

Recca - Jersey Shore

Chikilra - Jersey Shore, because I love that beach!

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