Monday, August 9, 2010

Shells, Richmond ready to go

  Brittani Shells can't wait -- even if it means turning off her cell phone for 10 whole days. Shells and the rest of the Richmond team leave for a 10-day Scandinavian tour on Tuesday. The freshmen are coming, too, thanks to a new NCAA rule that allows freshmen to play abroad.

Shells plans to blog and put together a video for the Richmond website, a natural idea for her given she wants a career in film. (Click here for insight from Shells and junior Rachael Bilney throughout the trip).

"Actually I've never been outside of the United States, so I'm really not sure what it will be like," said the Spiders senior guard. "Coach has been giving us a few trivia questions."

Seems like Coach (and that would be Michael Shafer) went a tad easy on the questions. Example.

"What's the capital of Sweden?"

Shells knew that one. "Stockholm. That's where we play our first game."

While playing four games will be part of Richmond's five-city tour (Stockholm, Oslo, Lillehammer, Uppsala, Bergen), checking out the sights is what it's all about.

"I was watching this 'Millionaire' show today and they were talking about the queen of Sweden," Shells said. "Coach said we're going to be able to see where she lives."

The Royal Castle is what's pictured above (and here's a bit of fun trivia. With 605 rooms, it is the largest castle still used by a king. The Royal Guard has protected the castle since 1523.) The Spiders will also get to see City Hall and the Opera House in Stockholm and the Winter Olympic ski jump in Oslo.

"We know it's going to be something like 70 degrees during the day and at night something like 50," Shells said. "I'm packing some jeans and sweat shirts and definitely some dress gear."

As for the cell phone, that will make the trip, but Shells doesn't even want to chance the temptation to text, so she's turning hers off. "My godmother told me once I get in the airport to turn it off. It cost a lot of money just to open a text," she said. "They're telling us all to have watches. Nobody wears watches anymore."

Kos deg, Spiders!

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