Tuesday, September 7, 2010

PA's Williams sets Tennessee visit

Dan Fleser of govolsxtra.com keeps coming up with juicy recruiting nuggets. His latest - Princess Anne High star Elizabeth Williams will make her official visit to Tennessee the weekend of Oct. 15. The significance of that date? October 15 is also the first day teams can practice, and many teams mark the occasion with one of those splashy - not to mention recruit-seducing - "Midnight Madness" celebrations.

Fortunately for Virginia and the other schools on Williams' short list, Tennessee typically isn't one of those schools. Said Tennessee men's coach Bruce Pearl: "I'd rather lock the doors at midnight and have a hard practice and see who pukes first on the court."

This year, though, the school is considering joining the masses and holding a basketball kickoff event of its own. Last month, Tennessee officials said its target date for such an event was Oct. 22. But now that Williams has finalized her visit date, we wouldn't be surprised if they move the festivities up a week.

If they do - and actually, even if they don't - the Cavaliers needs to come strong it's their turn to woo Williams. Of course, Debbie Ryan doesn't need our help when it comes to recruiting; the woman does have a wee bit of experience in these matters. But just in case she's looking for ideas, we offer our top five things UVa. should do when Williams comes calling:

5. Since Williams plans on becoming a doctor, have the entire team show up for practice in hospital scrubs and surgical masks.

4. Ensure her that, for the four years she's enrolled, the Virginia Cavaliers will officially be known as the Princess Anne Cavaliers. 

3. Present Williams with the key to Charlottesville. And just to let her know you mean business, throw in the keys to Richmond, Chesapeake and Virginia Beach. Make it a complete set.

2. Hire Drake as her personal escort for the weekend.

And the No. 1 thing UVa. should do....

1. Beg.

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  1. That's brutal! I am hoping that Elizabeth Williams comes to UVa and help them to restore its rightful place in the ACC rankings!