Wednesday, September 8, 2010

VCU's 2010 schedule - no cliches included

You've heard of Hell Week? Well, in women's basketball circles, this must be Schedule Week because, after days of waiting, the slates are now coming out rapid-fire style.

Virginia Commonwealth is the latest to weigh in. Like Richmond, the Rams deserve kudos for offering up a healthy dose of in-state competition. In addition to CAA foes George Mason, James Madison, Old Dominion and William and Mary, the Rams will also face Richmond, Virginia Tech, Radford, Liberty and Longwood in non-conference play.

We'd also like to give a pat on the back to VCU coach Beth Cunningham for avoiding the words "competitive" and "challenging" in her assessment of the schedule. We were starting to think it wasn't possible.

Seriously, if you made up a drinking game where you had to take a swallow every time a coach summed up their schedule with one of those words, you'd be sloshed in about 15 minutes.


Norfolk State coach Debra Clark: "This will be a very competitive schedule for us."


George Mason coach Jeri Porter: "We believe this schedule will challenge us a great deal...."


Liberty coach Carey Green: "Our team is faced with a big-time, high-major, competitive schedule that will provide tremendous challenges."

Gulp, gulp.

Virginia Tech coach Beth Dunkenberger: "We are excited about our challenging schedule for the upcoming season."


The defense rests.

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