Thursday, June 16, 2011

Longwood fills out coaching staff

Jenny Poff
Wanisha Smith

Lindsay Schrader (left)
Our first thought upon learning that Longwood coach Bill Reinson has tabbed Lindsay Schrader and Jenny Poff as his new assistant coaches was that it's too bad those guys are out of eligibility. Schrader, after all, is the fiery, do-whatever-it-takes former first-team All-Big East pick out of Notre Dame. Poff is an ex-Miss Michigan Basketball runner-up who led Ohio University in scoring and assists as a senior and was one of the best shooters in Bobcats history. And it's not as though you have to go deep into the archives to find this stuff out. Both ended their careers in 2009-10. At 24 years old, no doubt they can both still lace 'em up and do all that stuff today (OK, at least most of that stuff).

Schrader and Poff will join yet another star of recent vintage, Wanisha Smith, on the Longwood staff. The 25-year-old Smith, the lone holdover from the 2009-10 cadre of assistants, was a four-year standout at Duke and a second-round pick in the WNBA draft.

Of course, for all their success on the court, how well they do collectively from the bench remains to be seen. Given that Schrader and Poff are just one year removed from their playing days and Smith only three, this might be the least experienced staff in Division I. This doesn't mean it can't work, though. And this much is certain - they won't have any trouble relating to today's young women. At 24, 24 and 25 years old, Schrader, Poff and Smith still are today's young women.

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