Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A Sweet 16 of burning questions for the new Old Dominion administration

1. Will Karen Barefoot's new contract include a shoe deal? If so, why?

2. Current ODU players, are you really committing to your offseason workout programs? With this coach, come fall, we have a feeling you'll really wish you had.

3. Can any Lady Monarchs fan  forget Barefoot's last game at the Constant Center, the thrilling overtime victory over Virginia in 2008 that propelled ODU into the NCAA Tournament Sweet 16?

4. How come Wood Selig gave several interviews about the process and actually put out a release a full week ahead of the press conference? Aren't schools supposed to stonewall, deny and no-comment the media to death during coaching searches until they're good and ready for the formal presentation? (Bet some of his fellow ADs are giving him grief for his relative transparency.)

5. Hey, Tia Lewis, you OK with this hire?

6. Hey, Pat Summitt, you OK with this hire?

7. Is the new coach prepared to emphasize work in the classroom just as much as work on the court? Given that the ODU women's basketball team's Academic Progress Rate is in the bottom 10 percent of all Division I teams, that's a message that needs to be sent. NCAA tournament appearances are great, but in the big picture, this is the No. 1 issue surrounding present-day Lady Monarchs hoops.

8. Oh, and can we do something about all those turnovers?

9. The week before Wendy Larry stepped down, Selig was at the Villa 7 Consortium where he had a chance to meet and assess 60 of the nation's top assistant coaches. How come none of these up-and-comers even made his list of finalists?

10. If Barefoot works out, won't it provide another reason to give thanks to Larry, the woman who gave Barefoot her Division I break a few years ago?

11. If Barefoot brings current Elon and ex-ODU assistant Marie Christian with her, and keeps Nikita Lowery Dawkins on hand, wouldn't the only difference between ODU's 2007-08 staff and the 2011-12 version be that Larry's no longer in charge of it?

12. Is this now the official song of Lady Monarchs hoops?

13. Did ODU turn down Nancy Lieberman, or did Lieberman, after thinking it over, turn down ODU?

14. If recruiting has been such an issue with ODU, isn't it a bit surprising they just hired someone whose previous work with the Lady Monarchs is part of the reason people think recruiting was such an issue with ODU? (Just asking the question, folks.)

15. How many ways can you have fun with Barefoot in a headline?

16. Given the Howard coach was on the list of finalists, we ask this. Was David Six even considered?

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