Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Ladyswish Twitter rankings

Which coaches/teams are getting it done on Twitter? Here's our tweet-by-tweet rundown on how things grade out:


Kenny Brooks, JMU - @CoachBrooksJMU
Provides informative, occasionally humorous updates...Stinging commentary from the 2010 CAA Awards Banquet was Twitter gold...Isn't afraid to give glimpses of himself as a husband and father in addition to coach...Gets extra credit for periodically retweeting our stuff (You da man, Coach!). Grade: A-

Classic Brooks tweet: "It's Comedy Central up in here!"

Karen Barefoot, Old Dominion - @BarefootODU
Probably not the best device for the effervescent Barefoot, as it's hard to contain her boundless enthusiasm in 140 characters...Infrequent updates, although we'll cut her some slack since she was hired, what, 15 minutes ago?...Not sure she's hit her Twitter stride yet, but shows immense promise. Grade: B- (but with a bullet)

Classic Barefoot tweet (note the liberal use of the exclamation points): "Day 5 on the recruiting trail - in Orlando, Fla.! 5am workout + Grande coffee xtra cream + hoops all day!! Love this game!!

Joanne Boyle, Virginia - @UVACoachBoyle
Positive, if somewhat corporate, approach...A master of the retweet about the success of other Virginia programs...Wouldn't mind a bit more info about her own team...Frequently comments on the oppressive summer heat (not quite like Berkeley, right?)...An occasional personal observation or note, no matter how benign, would be welcome. Grade: C+

Classic Boyle tweet: "Sure is a hot one here today...Great day to get lots of work done in the office!"


LIBERTY - @LibertyU_WBball
Terrific updates on a range of topics provided by multiple coaches. Rival programs: follow these guys - and take notes. Grade: A

RICHMOND -@richmondwbb
Head coach Michael Shafer chimes in occasionally. Site also notable for its incredibly frequent and detailed updates during Spiders games (thanks, Rachel). Almost makes you feel as though you're at the Robins Center. Grade: Offseason: C+ In-season: B+ In-game: A+

Meat-and-potatoes, just-the-facts style, not surprising since the account is run by the sports info folks. But hey, it achieves what it sets out to achieve. Grade: C

VCU - @vcuwbb
Last tweet was May 10 (Hope you're enjoying the summer, guys!). Posted solid updates during the 2010-11 season. Grade: C+

Multiple coaches, including head Highlander Tajama Ngongba, weigh in on an account bristling with energetic tweets. Feels like they're really having fun with this. Grade: A

JMU - @JamesMadisonWBB
Part of a veritable Twitter assault by the tweet-friendly Dukes, who also serve up lively accounts by assistants Lindsay Smith (@CoachSmithJMU), Jen Brown (@CoachBrownJMU) and Sean O'Regan (@CoachOJMU). Grade: A


Meg Barber, William and Mary - @CoachMegBarber
Still developing her Twitter flow although we like what we've read so far. But someone needs to do a better job of spreading word this account exists (31 followers?). Grade: B-

Chantelle Anderson, Virginia Tech - @misschantelle
Ms. Personality, the Skylar Diggins of this state's women's basketball Twitter universe. This account is so interesting we're already calling her The Great Chantelle - and she hasn't even coached a game at Tech yet. Grade: A+

Greg Pulliam, George Mason - @CoachPMason
Jana Ashley, George Mason - @GMUCoachAshley
Holding it down for the ever-improving Patriots. Also provide cover for head coach Jeri Porter, who apparently isn't down with tweeting (C'mon, Coach, get in the game!). Grades: B

Darren Guensch, VCU - @VCUCoachG
Master of the motivational phrase, and anyone that can quote God and Kanye with equal aplomb is cool with us. Grade: A-

Brian Davis, Hampton - @CoachDavisHU
A welcome link to the mighty Lady Pirates. Grade: B

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  1. I would have to say the one from Coach at JMU was the best when I read it. After realizing to what he was referring, it was hilarious.