Friday, March 22, 2013

Jeri Porter resigns (?) at George Mason

George Mason announced Friday that head coach Jeri Porter is resigning after five seasons.

We don't know the details, but the school's statement has a semantics feel to it, especially since it included no comments from the coach. Did Porter really want to step down? Yes, 2012-13 brought poor results, but it was the first season under Porter that the Patriots failed to win more games than the previous season. Furthermore, a significant talent upgrade was already in place. Incoming Georgetown transfer Taylor Brown - the 2011 Washington Post Player of the Year - and experienced international performer Sandra Ngoie are projected as potential impact players in the Colonial Athletic Association. Also, 6-4 junior college transfer Ondrea Shaw led the nation in blocked shots two years ago. Not sure why Porter would want to step away from all this.

On the other hand, if the school wanted to go in a different direction, it could point to the fact that Porter's teams went a combined 51-100 in her five seasons and were coming off a 9-21 campaign that ended with a first-round loss in the CAA Tournament to five-win UNC Wilmington. Coaches have lost jobs with much stronger five-year resumes. And if there's anything to rumors that George Mason may be a candidate to move into a retooled Atlantic 10, perhaps the school simply felt the timing was right for a coaching upgrade.

Still, the view from here was that Porter had the Patriots poised for a resurgence. Seems unfortunate she won't be around to see it through.


  1. I have it on good note that Porter did indeed resign, but was encouraged to do so by George Mason. She was given an expectation similar if not slightly better than last year given this was a senior-laden roster.

  2. Anyone could see this season was going to be a struggle. Could they have won a few more games? Sure. But if her job hinged on a big season in 2012-13, her fate was sealed before the year began. Again, it seems as though help is on the way. It just looks like it's arriving a year too late.

  3. Losing by almost 20 at home to an Akron team that isn't exactly a world-killer? Just barely skimming by an abysmal Georgia Southern team? Scoring 27 (!!!!) points total at Delaware? I think Mason fans have had enough of Jeri Porter's brand of awful basketball, and with our move to the A-10, it's time to clean house regarding staff. It's never a good thing when someone loses their job, but I will be legitimately surprised if Jeri Porter gets another head coaching job anytime soon.


  4. It looks like Mason has hired former Missouri State coach Nyla Milleson. Good hire, and a much needed upgrade for the A-10, and almost certainly better than the unbearable and awful basketball Mason fans have had to endur under Jeri Porter