Friday, March 8, 2013

Senior chats: Radford's Katherine Brockett

Loved chatting with Radford's Katherine Brockett, who has a wonderful Australian accent (the 6-1 guard is from Geelong, Victoria in Australia). Honored on the Big South All-Academic team, Brockett shared with us info about her twin sis, what she thinks about her former sport, netball, and details about the  two "low" marks on her transcript.

What made you come all the way to Radford from Australia?

I really wanted to go to school in America, because back home you can't get your degree and play sport at the same time. They don't give scholarships for athletes. For me, I wanted to do both at once and be at a high level.

Why Radford?

I don't even know, to be honest. A coach found a coach, and it just worked out. It was pretty random. When I signed with Radford, I didn't know where Virginia was. I remember asking the coaches, 'So, when I fly to L.A., do I need to get another plane from there?' I didn't know where it was exactly. I knew it had a good business program, which is what I wanted.

I was going to go to Melbourne University, which is in a big city. Everything is right there, and there's so much culture. I land in Radford, and it's literally just the school; we do have a Chinese place. There's not very much culture there.

I come from a country town back home, but we're a 30-minute drive away from doing all kinds of stuff. I live 30 minutes out of Geelong on the coast; it's right on the beach. Melbourne is like an hour and a half away.

Were you homesick?

It was definitely different. I was ready for a change. I didn't know what kind of a change it was going to be, though. I had hardly been on a plane before.

You have a twin?

My twin sister (Chantelle) goes to school in Texas. She went three years to Odessa Junior College, and now she's at Lamar. She's on the basketball team there. She's two minutes older than me.

Are you guys competitive with each other?

So competitive. We can't play one-on-one anymore.

Who's better?

I say I am. She says she is.

What does she have in her game that you'd like?

She is so strong mentally. And her physical strength is great. I've gotten stronger over the four years, but she's still stronger.

And what do you have that she'd like?

I'm faster than her.

You were region cross country champ in high school.

I like to run. Everyone thinks I'm crazy. We live right on the river, and I wake up and run. That's my stress relief. When I'm flustered with anything, I'll go for a run along the river.

And you lettered in netball?

The worst sport ever. You have to play in skirts. There's a basketball ring with no backboard. There's all these different rules. You can't touch anyone. If they have the ball, you have to stand three feet away from them. You can't dribble. You can only pass. I just couldn't handle the no contact. I prefer basketball.

Memorable road trip for you?

We went to Miami this year; that was pretty good. Where we are right now (Myrtle Beach) is on the beach. It was the first time I saw the ocean here, and I almost cried. Our hotel is literally right on the beach.

What stands out about playing at Radford?

There's been ups and downs. It's a whole different level. You're practicing every day. You're got to get up for practice every single day. I love it. I've had so much fun with it. It's a different lifestyle. Back home we practice two or three times a week.

What's next?

I'd like to get my master's probably in Texas at Lamar. They have a pretty good MBA program.

What would you eventually like to do?

No clue. My dad is a winemaker, and my sister wants to be a winemaker like him. So I'd like to get into the sales side if that ever happens. I  just want to travel the world. I'm keeping my options open.

Favorite wine?


Having a dad as a winemaker must be cool.

It definitely is for a kid growing up. You get to go to the winery and squish the grapes. ...

Where would you like to travel?

Number one is Argentina. Ever since I was a kid, I wanted to go there. I'd like to go to Macedonia with Ema (Reskoska), my teammate.

Your Senior Night memory?

It was emotional, but it was exciting at the same time. There are six of us and we're really close. We got off to a 20-6 run. It was fun.

What would most be surprised to know about you?

I'm a nerd. I have a 4.0.

Ever been close to a B?

I've only ever had two B's. I have a 4.0 in both my majors. I got a B in Art Appreciation, which is ridiculous. And I got a B in some easy English class. I wrote a paper on the one-and-done rule in the NBA. My teacher hated the sport, so he gave me a B.

Do you like watching sports?

I love the Olympics. I'm glued to the TV during the Olympics, even the ParaOlympics. Anything with competition. I really like the underdog. I love watching Michael Phelps swim.

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