Friday, May 10, 2013

10-second rule gets two thumbs up from coaches

JMU's Kenny Brooks 

The news that the NCAA is closing on finally adopting the 10-second backcourt rule brings to mind the words of the great LeBron James after clinching the 2012 NBA title:

"It's about damn time."

Suffice to say we approve of this message. Having said that, we're not sure that, after an initial adjustment period, this rule will impact the women's game significantly. If a team needs more than 10 seconds to get the ball past halfcourt, that team is probably losing by 30 under any set of rules.

But so much for what we think. Head coaches from around the state are also bullish on the new rule, although Hampton's David Six expressed surprise that the 10-second backcourt rule wasn't accompanied by an increase in the shot clock from 30 seconds to 35.

A sampling of their thoughts (and thanks, coaches, for weighing in):

"Absolutely for the rule. Been lobbying for it for years. Will speed up the game and not let teams hold the ball in the backcourt. The game was like soccer almost. Teams didn't have the panic of the 10-second rule when going against presses. No 10-second rule voided athleticism. So happy. We may press more." - Kenny Brooks, JMU

"I'll be interested to see if they change the shot clock; I would think they would go to that. But certainly for some of the great defensive teams it will be an advantage. We should have a more athletic team this season, so it will be interesting to see what happens when we extend our defense." - David Six, Hampton

Wait, Hampton is going to be more athletic this season?

"I strongly believe the 10-second backcourt rule is needed in our game. To be honest, I'm not sure why our game has been hesitant to implement the rule. This rule change can only improve the pace and flow of the game. At the same time, it will make for more exciting finishes because teams will not be able to hold the ball in the backcourt. It will help with game strategy, decision-making, and the entertainment value of our game. There are too many positives and I am happy to hear our game is moving in this direction." - Mike McGuire, Radford

"Yes, we are in favor. (The) 10-second rule will speed up the game, help with overall tempo. Rewards pressing teams. (A) good move for the growth of our game (from a fan perspective. It improves our product." - Marlene Stollings, VCU

As a defensive coach, I really take pride in ball pressure and turning our opponent over. It will fit our defensive scheme and allow us more possessions. I think fans will enjoy a quicker pace. - Karen Barefoot, Old Dominion

"I think it's a great idea. It should really enhance the women's game by increasing the speed of play and making full-court pressure defenses more viable. It shouldn't affect us at all since we like to play at a very fast pace anyway." - Bill Reinson, Longwood

I am for it. Adds another element to create possessions if you are a good defensive team. Very much a plus for a good defensive team. - Nyla Milleson, George Mason

"I am all for the 10-second rule. I believe it will reward good defensive teams." - Ed Swanson, William and Mary

We'd love to hear from the rest of the coaches around the state. Email us at and we'll add your response.

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