Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Dispatch from Down Under: CNU's Schweers scores 35 and hangs with kangaroos!

Former Christopher Newport University legend Chelsie Schweers is blogging for LadySwish during her season in Australia. Schweers, who happens to be the leading scorer in Virginia women's basketball history, signed with the Toowoomba Mountaineers in April. We love the pics with this post, especially the beach shots and the kangaroos!
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The past couple weeks have been exciting both on and off the court.The Mountaineers got a big upset win in our last game against the Ipswich Force, which put us back into a good place for the playoffs. I scored 35 points for a season high and picked up my first QBL Player of the Week Honors. It was a great team win for us, as everything we have been working toward seemed to fall into place. We took the lead from the beginning of the game and never turned back. It was an exhilarating team win, and we hope to carry that momentum into our next game.
I visited the Steven Irwin Australia Zoo and saw the most amazing animals. They had a few tigers, sharks, crocodiles, and kangaroos, which were my absolute favorite! They had kangaroos lying out in a field, and we were able to walk up to them to feed them and just hang out with the kangaroos. I was expecting them to be more energetic and wild. However, they loved the attention and would lie down so we could pet them, lie on the ground with them, and take all the pictures we wanted! They were enjoying the attention as much as we enjoyed petting them and taking pictures.  This past weekend we went to Sydney! I had such an amazing time spending the weekend as a tourist and seeing all the famous landmarks, such as the Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge. The aquarium was fantastic and had a variety of sharks, fish, and sea horses. We also made our way to the beach, which is simply my favorite place to be. Bondi Beach in Sydney is a popular beach for surfers, and has a variety of shows and shops. It was great being able to spend some time at the beach since I am missing summer and the time I would be spending at the beach if I were back at home. We also took a boat tour and saw some of the most expensive realty in Sydney, including one home that recently sold for $54 million! I had a wonderful time touring and sightseeing. Although there is much I have not seen of Australia, I am still reminded of how fortunate I have been and the unique experiences I have had -- all while playing basketball! Until next time,  Chelsie 

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