Monday, August 26, 2013

Ciao from Italy: W&M's Correal blogs about her new start in Italy

William and Mary graduate Emily Correal is preparing to play her first season of international basketball in Italy with Fila San Martino. LadySwish is thrilled that Emily has agreed to blog about the experience. This is her first post.

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Ciao from Italy!!

I have just finished my first week in Italy!!! It has been everything and more that I imagined it would be. Every single person I have met has been incredibly nice and welcoming; I haven’t met someone I did not like. The food is the best food I’ve ever had. And the scenery is beautiful. I spent my first few days in Gaeta, a town near Rome, with my agent’s family. I stayed there to relax, get rid of the jet lag and work on getting my Italian citizenship. While I was in Gaeta, I went to the beautiful beach and explored the old city, with my agent, his wife, their 6-year old daughter and 2-year old son. They were wonderful people to be around.

After a few days in Gaeta, my agent and his wife drove me to San Martino (The town where I will be playing and living for this year). My first impression has been a good one. I love my teammates, the coach, and everyone involved with the team. It is a small town, so everyone is family. I have not paid for a meal yet! I have been invited over to so many different families’ houses and have been treated like a princess! I have to mention again that the food is amazing!!! I also love my house and I just think it is so beautiful here. 
A collage of pics from Emily's new house.

When I’m not enjoying the company of the families of the town/teammates or relaxing at the house, I am in the gym working out and shooting. Monday I have my medical exam, and on Tuesday, we start two-a-days! I am so excited for basketball to start up, and I am especially excited to play Stanford on Sept. 3rd, when they take a tour of Italy and play my team along with two other Italian teams. 

I forgot to talk about the language! It has been somewhat difficult not being able to understand or speak Italian, but I am learning more and more every day. There are a few people who work with the team and some of my teammates speak English, so when I’m with them it is not a problem. I am just so thankful for this opportunity. I am learning so much and am really enjoying myself. 

God Bless!



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  1. This is Awesome! I cant wait to come see you play...