Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Two wins for Virginia in two nights

We're still marveling over what might be the best women's basketball game of the season Monday night when Virginia snagged away a nailbiter from North Carolina. (Following that up with a dressed-in-pink arena in Oklahoma, where the Sooners gave UConn a scare wasn't too shabby, either.) It seems that so many games this season we've looked forward to have disappointed due to shooting numbers that linger around 30 percent. UNC/Virginia was a riveting back-and-forth game that wasn't in the bag until the final, final, final buzzer. It was the kind of event that could turn non-traditional women's basketball fans into loyalists.

Tuesday's result:

No. 18 Virginia 81, Longwood 40
Yes, you do remember correctly. Virginia (20-6) has played 90 minutes of basketball in a little over 24 hours. Fresh off a double OT win over North Carolina, the Cavaliers were back at it again against the Lancers (7-18). Noted Virginia forward Telia McCall, “We need to get ready for the tournament and we might have to play back-to-back games, so we needed this.” Monica Wright had a breather for most of the night (13 points in 16 minutes) as, no surprise, the Cavaliers shot 51 percent. A nod to Longwood freshman Chelsea Corward for her 18-point effort.

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