Monday, May 24, 2010

The next episode - George Mason's Ondrea Shaw

Getting to know the incoming freshman on the women's college basketball teams in Virginia for the 2010-11 season - and what they're doing this summer to enhance their chances of making an impact right away.

Ondrea Shaw, George Mason
6-3 C, Moore Traditional High, Louisville
Averaged 13.2 points and 13.6 rebounds

Why we like Ondrea:

1. She's an aspiring dunker. A year ago, she'd progressed to where she could dunk a tennis ball. So tell us, Ondrea, are you throwing down the real thing yet? EDIT: Because of a shoulder injury, Ondrea says she's been advised to give the dunking pursuit a rest for now.

2. She has Virginia ties - Shaw spent her sophomore year at Oak Hill Academy before transferring back to Louisville early in her junior season.

3. She already knows what it's like to compete for her spot. Forty-three players were invited to try out for the Kentucky-Indiana All-Star Classic on June 11. Only 12 made the cut - Ondrea was one of those 12.

Why Patriots fans will like Ondrea:

"Ondrea Shaw is a tremendous fit for our program at this time. Her length and athleticism along with her tenacity on the defensive side of the ball will give us a huge presence in the paint and allow us to stretch our perimeter defense out even further. Offensively, she gives us a true back to the basket presence as well as having developed a pretty consistent mid range jumper. Her impact on our program will be felt the moment she steps on the floor." - George Mason coach Jeri Porter

What Ondrea is doing this summer to get ready for the 2010-11 season

I have a personal trainer, and I'm part of the Kentucky all-star team so we will have some games and practices to hopefully keep me in shape. I sometimes take runs around my neighborhood when I have the time. And I'm going to play as much pick-up and organized basketball as I can.

Wanna be next?

A big shout out to all of you incoming freshmen ballers who have responded to our question (woot, woot!); your feature will be up soon. Those that haven't gotten around to it yet (what up with that?), there's still time. And if we haven't been able to reach you, reach us. Drop us a note about what you're doing this summer to prepare for the upcoming season. And keep checking out Ladyswish!

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