Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The next episode - VCU's Zakia Williams

Getting to know the incoming freshman on the women's college basketball teams in Virginia for the 2010-11 season - and what they're doing this summer to enhance their chances of making an impact right away.

Zakia Williams, VCU
5-8 G, Northside High (Columbus, Ga.)
Averaged 12 points, 7 rebounds, 5 assists and 5 steals
Led Northside to a 21-7 record and the Georgia Class AAA state quarterfinals

Why we like Zakia:
1. Comes complete with a catchy nickname: Z-Will.
  "My high school teammates gave it to me and it kinda stuck. If nobody else will make it happen, Z-Will."
2. Has Virginia ties already.
   "I have family in Virginia as well as a cousin and an uncle who attends VCU."
3. She's a Georgia Metro (AAU) - just like former All-CAA Rams D'Andra Moss and Kita Waller and current star Courtney Hurt.
   I grew up through the metros knowing D-moss, and Courtney. They both have always been older role models and it's always good to go somewhere where you know somebody.

Why Rams fans will like Zakia:
“Zakia's passion and intensity for the game and how hard she plays is second to none. She is a lockdown type of defender and a real playmaker on the offensive end of the floor. - Rams coach Beth Cunningham

What Zakia's doing this summer to get ready for the 2010-11 season
I have been working to gain more speed doing agility and endurance workouts. Also I have been working to develop a better three-point shot as well as mid-range. I will be participating in summer school that (started May 14) at VCU and attending summer workouts.

Wanna be next?
A big shout out to all of you incoming freshmen ballers who have responded to our question (woot, woot!); your feature will be up soon. Those that haven't gotten around to it yet (what up with that?), there's still time. And if we haven't been able to reach you, reach us. Drop us a note about what you're doing this summer to prepare for the upcoming season. And keep checking out Ladyswish!

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