Friday, May 7, 2010

Wann's double duty at Richmond

So I'm reading this release about its 2010-11 roster and I'm struck by the phrase "Richmond will add seven newcomers to next year's squad."

Seven? Let's see... there's the four players Richmond signed in the early period, and the two more the Spiders announced Thursday...that's six. Who's the seventh?

"Rebecca Wann," Richmond sports information diva Rachel Park replied. "A full scholarship soccer player that will walk-on to the basketball team."

Oh. Well, I hope this Rebecca is in great shape, because going from soccer to basketball is one heck of a....

Wait a minute. You mean "Becca" Wann? Hmmm, this might work after all.

You see, Becca Wann is a baller, a 5-11 dynamo, the Central Region Player of the Year and one-third of the three-headed monster - Jazmin Pitts and Andrea Bertrand were the others - that led Cosby High to the Group AAA state quarterfinals. Pitts has signed with Virginia; Bertrand with Division II Concord.

Wann finished her career with over 1,600 points, more than 700 rebounds and in excess of 700 assists. But she's also a two-time all-state performer in soccer. Now it's one thing to excel at both in high school. But the Division I college level? This ought to be really interesting.

“People think I can’t do both, but I know I can," Wann told the Richmond-Times Dispatch. "I’ve had meetings with the (Richmond) coaches. I hope they’re both excited, because I am.”

So are we. And we also curious about one more thing - does anyone really call her Rebecca?

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