Wednesday, September 14, 2011

So far, William and Mary has all the right answers

We don't know how William and Mary will do on the basketball court this season. But thanks to the Tribe's entertaining "20 Questions With...." series, we have learned that:

Emily Correal (pictured above) is psychic.

Janine Aldridge dreams of being the quarterback of the New York Jets.

The No. 1 item on MacKenzie Morrison's bucket list is to wrangle an alligator.

One of Katherine DeHenzel's favorite team activities is something called Jackson 5. Just curious: who gets to play Michael, and who gets stuck being Tito?

At the start of her freshman year, Kaitlyn Mathieu was dubbed "Baloo" by Tribe coach Debbie Taylor after the laid-back sloth bear from "The Jungle Book." Not sure if Mathieu knew what to make of it then, but now? "I actually feel like it fits my personality."

Jazmen Boone hates talking to people that have chapped lips.

Correal is a Belieber.

Taylor Hilton, who has serious DJ skillz, is afraid of spiders. Hmmm...perhaps this explains why Hilton had just 2 points with 3 turnovers last year against Richmond.

Jaclyn McKenna fears great white sharks.

Taysha Pye is so terrified of snakes she'll occasionally recoil at the mere sight of a stick on the ground. "Sad, I know," Pye said.

Victoria Willems can see herself as the editor-in-chief of a fashion magazine in New York City some day. Right now, though, her best non-athletic skill is taking professional naps.

If Anna Kestler could have lunch with anyone in the world, she'd choose...Anna Kestler. "I would like to see the other side of me and get to know myself better."

If she wasn't playing basketball at William and Mary, Correal believes she'd have a shot at being the Tribe's quarterback. "My dad coached me up and now I have a wicked spiral." Don't laugh. Correal's father, Chuck, was an All-American center at Penn State who spent three years in the NFL.

Willems and Chanel Murchison would choose volleyball. "They get to wear costumes to practice on Halloween, and (there's) not much running involved," Murchison said. And from Willems: "I love the spandex."

Murchison dreams of one day hosting a talk show. She's already knows what to call it - "Oh Hey Chayyy!" or "That's What Chay Said!"

Kestler loved the "Wizard of Oz" skit the team performed for the incoming freshmen.

Kyla Kerstetter, who likes to laugh, believes the animal that best describes her is a hyena.

And finally, Murchison said the biggest obstacle she's had to overcome is tearing both ACLs. "Never in a million years would I wish any injury on an athlete, but especially this one."


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