Friday, March 16, 2012

Read what JMU's Dawn Evans has to say about joining the WNBA

Know who was more excited than LadySwish about Dawn Evans receiving a training camp contract with the WNBA's Connecticut Sun? That would be Dawn herself.

"I am more than excited to play with the likes of the girls on the Connecticut Sun -- girls I have watched for years," Evans said. "I am just excited to be able to learn and get better and compete throughout training camp."

As for Austria, where Evans is playing with the Flying Foxes (whose season ends March 31:

"It is amazing," she said.  "It helps being so far from home having such great American teammates, Kachine Alexander and Nicole Soulis. They have helped the transition into pro ball so easy. The city is beautiful but the shopping is top on my list!. It's heaven on Earth! aka..not saving much money."

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