Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hey, Ellen, Dawn Evans ready for her closeup

Evidently, Russia can wait. So Hollywood, here she comes - again.

If you follow Dawn Evans on Twitter (and doesn't everyone?), you might be wondering about her billing herself as  "Aspiring Actress." It's no joke - the former Dukes star has reversed course on her decision to play professional basketball for one of the top Russian teams in the Euroleague and will head to Los Angeles this fall to pursue her passion for acting.

"After I signed, I decided to pursue acting and that's the gist of it," Evans told us in a Facebook message. "I'm going to LA, and I'm done with ball."

This won't be her first trip west. At age 10, Evans moved to Hollywood in search of acting stardom and, using her middle name Raven scored a few parts in commercials. This time, she plans on making a much bigger breakthrough.

"I really really wanna get on the Ellen DeGeneres Show," Evans wrote, punctuating the line with the ubiquitous "lol."

Evans' current plan is to leave for Los Angeles in October. In the meantime, she's taking theater classes in Tennessee and working part-time as a virtual high school math tutor. She's also looking to apply to a surgical technical program at a branch of the Miller Motte Technical School "so I can get a certification only as an option."

Acting is where her heart is, though, and it sounds as though she's going to pursue this venture with the same vigor she used to attack opposing defenses for the Dukes the past four years.

"Although I thoroughly miss JMU, JMU fans and the basketball community already, I'm really excited about what I am soon to embark on," Evans said. "Acting has always been a passion of mine and it does date back to my grade school years!"

Naturally we wish Evans all kinds of success in front of the cameras. We'll admit that at first we were a bit disappointed to think that she won't be raining 30-footers on folks anymore. Then we realized we weren't going to get to see her play in Russia anyway.

We can watch "Ellen" all the time.

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