Thursday, August 18, 2011

Yes, Virginia, you're playing Cal this season

Joanne Boyle
There will be a separate event buried within this year's Rainbow Wahine Showdown in Hawaii - the Joanne Boyle Classic featuring the coach's new team, Virginia, against the one she just left, California. The one now coached by her former assistant at Richmond and Cal, Lindsay Gottlieb. According to the just-released Cal schedule, the Cavaliers and Golden Bears will face off on Nov. 27, the final day of the event.

We stand corrected, because our guess was the tournament would tweak the schedule to avoid these two teams meeting. I mean, it's an awkward situation for all involved, and we suspected most schools/coaches would avoid it more strongly than Miami football avoided compliance.

Maybe such an adjustment wasn't possible. So here we go, Cavaliers vs. Golden Bears, Boyle vs. Boyle (sort of). We expect the Cavaliers to be excited to play every game, but we're pretty sure they'll have a little extra juice for this one. And they'd better, because we know the Golden Bears will.

For Boyle, it'll be one of two emotional matchups in the event. On Nov. 26, the Cavaliers will face Texas, which is coached by Gail Goestenkors. Boyle spent nine years as an assistant to Goestenkors at Duke.

Click here for a look at the scheduling tidbits for all of Virginia's Division I schools based on the releases from opposing teams.  

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