Sunday, August 7, 2011

Thanks, from LadySwish

We at LadySwish want to say thanks. Last week we completed our 1,000th post. Our Twitter following continues to grow. We love the cooperation we've gotten in two plus years from the state's coaches, players and sports information directors.

Our following continues to humble us. In addition to huge support within the United States, we thank those from the United Kingdom, Italy, Singapore, the Philippines, Canada, India, Israel, Ghana, Tunisia and Greece who have checked us out.

Here's what we ask. Keep checking us out -- including our updated team pages. We've been lax on those in the past, but we want to make it easier for fans of specific teams to find old news and new news consolidated in one place. So we've updated our team pages, and included the available 2011-12 rosters. No schedules yet, but as soon as we get those, we'll add them.

Lastly, if there's something you'd like to see, someone you'd like to know about, a question you'd like an answer to, let us know. We aim to be more interactive for the 2011-12 season. More quirky, too. More informative and more fun about the sport you love and we love.

Thanks for following us, folks, and if you get a chance, tell a friend about LadySwish and add LadySwish to your favorite pages on Facebook. We appreciate it and all of you.


  1. LadySwish, this is the most comprehensive blogsite covering the women's basketball in the STATE of Virginia. For that, I appreciate your efforts which is why I bookmarked it. Thank you! Keep blogging!!


  2. As the great Tim Tebow would put it, 'ppreciate that, Ridor.