Friday, August 5, 2011

Virginia assistants to wed Sunday; we've got gift ideas

Exciting news for the Virginia women's basketball family this weekend as newly-installed assistant coaches Kim Hairston and Cory McNeill will be getting married Sunday in McNeill's hometown of Baltimore.

We can't make it to the ceremony (for which we're sure they're both grateful), but we'd love to mark the occasion with some sort of gift.  But what to get? The director's cut DVD of "Love and Basketball" perhaps? Nah, too cliche. Besides, is there anyone in this sport that hasn't seen that flick at least 10 times already?

No, this wedding calls for some less-conventional thinking. So how 'about....

- A "Virginia is for Lovers" picture frame - We know the slogan was meant to describe the state, not the college. But you have to admit, in the case of you two crazy kids, it fits and what better place to put your pic of the first kiss.

- Hair extensions - Said Hairston: "It's stressful. I'm pulling my hair out with recruiting and dealing with the wedding." This gift will help you, er, patch things over. But don't worry, Coach. As Britney Spears can attest, the real stuff will grow back.

- Hula  lessons. - Not sure what kind of dancers Hairston and McNeill are, but once they take this crash course, it won't matter. And by the time the Cavaliers get to Hawaii in November, you guys will be able to boogie like natives.

- A wedding party on the night of March 4, 2012 in Greensboro, N.C. - That's the when and where of the ACC Tournament final, which means this one's contingent on the Cavaliers still being in Greensboro on March 4. So we can't give this gift to the newlyweds. Only the players can.

- Matching high-performance bowling balls (orange and blue, of course) - Bowling's McNeill's game; not sure how Hairston feels about going alley to alley. But since she loves McNeill, we're sure she'll at least give it a try. And seeing as she had a higher scoring average at Radford/Richmond than McNeill did at Morgan State, we wouldn't be shocked if McNeill soon finds he's the second-best bowler in the family.

- His-and-her police uniforms - Nothing kinky here, folks. We just figure that on the occasions when new coach Joanne Boyle really gets after the players - and we've yet to meet the successful head coach who doesn't - Hairston and McNeill may have to play "good cop" to one or more of the more impressionable Cavaliers. Might as well look the part.

And finally....

- Three consensus Top-10 recruits - Based on their resumes, it doesn't appear as though either of these guys needs our help recruiting. But giving how competitive acquiring top talent has become, our guess is they'll take it.

Congratulations, guys. Here's wishing you the very best in your future together.

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