Thursday, November 26, 2009

Chowing down with...Virginia Tech

If you're a Hokie women's baller, you're used to holiday dining in exotic locales. Four years ago, the setting was Dallas. Then it was Malibu. The Bahamas came next. Nashville followed. And this year, what's more exotic than...Shawsville, Virginia? OK, we admit we'd never heard of it. But Beth Dunkenberger sure has. It's where the the Hokies coach grew up. And with no travel on Thanksgiving for just the second time in her six years, the Hokies will bond/pig out Shawsville style with the entire Dunkenberger clan. Of course, to make sure they have big appetites, Dunkenberger will work them out in a morning practice. Then again, after Wednesday's 27-point rout of Radford, we doubt she'll be too hard on them.

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