Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Ho, hum UConn wins No. 41 (straight)

Here's the understatement of this early season: UConn is awfully good. Yep, they miss Renee Montgomery. Everything doesn't look as smooth and effortless as it did a year ago when the Huskies scorched the field at 39-0. But it's November. As much as I like the hype about Notre Dame and have to believe that the Huskies' Dec. 23 game against Stanford is must-see TV, I can't honestly say I don't expect UConn to win everything again.

Without losing a game? Probably not. But it's a definite maybe.

Here's why. UConn seems to score on every trip down the floor. And when they don't, they stop you from scoring. Texas was no slouch defensively, but when the Longhorns shined for a couple of possessions in the first half, they forgot to score. Texas was stuck on 9 for an eternity while UConn built its typical double-digit lead.

I like Stanford. I love Appel. I'm already to christen Ogwumike an All-American or at least a thoroughbred to bet on in the Kentucky Derby. The Stanford guards looks great. But I have a sneaking suspicion that the Cardinal perimeter can have an off night. I don't see Maya Moore having an off night. And then there's Tina Charles and Tiffany Hayes.......

The Huskies don't blow you away with bench and Lorin Dixon is already hurt. But UConn is never deep. Remember that 2002 team that some might say is the greatest ever? Maria Conlon was the sixth woman. There was no seventh. (This is my chance to toss in one of my favorite extraneous tidbits. Conlon had 15 bridesmaids when she got married in 2008. Do you know how many of them were Huskies?)

UConn was not all that crisp against Texas. And they still won by 30. And did I mention that it's only November?

Other musings......

*No knock against Moore -- she truly is the best player in the country -- but how many times do we have to hear she is special from the ESPN crew? Tell us something we don't know.

*Nice to see UConn and Tennessee in the same arena again. It would be even better if it was at the same time.

*Geno is an incredibly articulate guy, but ever notice how he stumbles through the early going of the halftime interview? Frankly I believe this is his attempt to hog the camera longer than necessary. Of course, when you coach the Huskies, are there really a bunch of halftime adjustments to make?

*Master of the obvious, Kara Lawsen. Who else do you like other than UConn? Stanford, she says.

*Looking for a Virginia reference in this post? The Huskies play Richmond on Nov. 28 -- in Storrs. OK, I know they're in San Antonio now, but doesn't it seem as if the Huskies are always in Storrs? Unless it's Dec. 23 and they're playing Stanford. In Hartford.

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