Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Chowing down with...Liberty

Basketball teams don't celebrate turkey day in the traditional manner. While most of us lounge around watching the NFL and eating too much, many teams spend the time together in faraway places like the Bahamas and Cancun. We asked the state's teams what they're doing to celebrate the holiday and we'll post their responses as they come in.

Liberty has a practice scheduled for Thanksgiving morning in the Vines Center before leaving for a road game in Easton, Pa., against Lafayette on Friday. Locals like Devon Brown (Waynesboro), Brittany Campbell (Rustburg) and Kylee Beecher (Roanoke) can enjoy some home cooking. For others it's not so easy. Jelena Antic hails from Macedonia; Dymond Morgan is from Lynwood, Calif; and Amber Mails is from Pasadena. Calif. Head coach Carey Green and his wife, Denise, are having many of the players over to their house for the Thanksgiving meal.

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