Friday, October 29, 2010

O captain! My captain!

Clearly, selecting captains means different things at different schools. For example, seniority isn't a requirement at Norfolk State; the Spartans captains include one sophomore and one player who wasn't even in the program last year. Liberty has six "captains". And Hampton doesn't have any.

Some programs are still determining their within-the-team leaders, but here's what we know so far:

Captains: Seniors Paulisha Kellum and Jayna Hartig; junior Chelsea Shine

Coach Debbie Ryan: "Paulisha, Jayna and Chelsea are going to provide us with great leadership and a great example both on and off the court. I feel very confident that they will carry on the legacy of this program in the same way that recent captains and players like Monica Wright and Sharnee Zoll did."

Coach David Six does not name captains.

Leadership team: Seniors - Dymond Morgan, Rachel McLeod, Kit Maine (redshirt junior). Underclassmen: sophomore Brittany Campbell, junior Avery Warley, sophomore Devon Brown

Coach Carey Green: "We have a leadership team of six players, three seniors and three underclassmen. This allows us to continue to develop leadership year after year. This also stretches the players out of their comfort zone to help others. The purpose of the leadership team (captains) is to communicate, as an extension of the coaching staff, the expectations of the staff/team. They also serve to express the concerns, atmosphere, understanding and attitudes of the team to the staff. The major purpose is to develop unity through communication."

Captains: Juniors Sarah Daily and Tyisha Bridges, sophomore Recca Trice

Coach Debra Clark: "They are an extension of the coaching staff. It's their job to keep practice lively and fun and look out for the welfare of the team. They are expected to lead on and off the court in their behavior at all times."

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