Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Top 10 we're not looking forward to

A few days ago we told you the Top 10 things we're anticipating the most this season (with a Virginia bent). Here's 10 more things, only this is the kind of stuff we're rather do without. 

1. Talk about The Streak. The Streak. The Streak. If any women's hoops fan doesn't know that UConn has won its last 78 games, then they certainly haven't tuned into ESPN when the Huskies are on. Great accomplishment, we know. But we know, we know, we know.

2. Empty stands. We don't like to see them during the regular season, but we sure don't expect to see them during the NCAA tournament.

3. Virginia Tech's Beth Dunkenberger takes a beating on the message boards, and sometimes those Hokie fans can be downright nasty. Healthy debate, we encourage. Personal attacks, we don't.

4. Three letters: A-C-L. When those letters are in the news, it's never good.

5. Here's hoping the news about coaches in hot water is over. Shann Hart was fired at IUPUI after allegations of recruiting and practice violations. LaVonda Wagner was fired by Oregon State for what was termed "an abrasive coaching style" after seven players from last year's team left the program. Then there was UNC Wilmington assistant who had a player rolling up and down the floor as punishment despite the player vomiting three times.

6. More news about UConn and Tennessee not playing. The two premier programs in the game need to find a way to go head to head not in the media, but on the court.

7. The CAA tournament in Upper Marlboro, Md. Don't get us wrong. With the dog fight that's likely to go on in the CAA, the tournament should be memorable, and for the first time in a while, it's on a neutral court. But a neutral court in Maryland? We don't like it.

8. The words "focus" and "glass." We could do without them.

9. Any more talk of the punching incident between Baylor's Brittney Griner and Texas Tech's Jordan Barncastle. We hear it wasn't brought up during Big 12 media day (did we need a story on that). Let's hope it isn't brought up when the teams meet during the season, either.

10. A Top 25 that doesn't reflect the latest results. It's a weekly poll, folks. When the stalwarts lose, look for the upstarts.

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