Monday, November 8, 2010

Gimme five - A countdown to Nov. 12

Can't wait about Friday's season openers? Then check out our week-long preview - five thoughts on five topics each day for five days. Come tipoff time, you'll definitely be ready. Here's hoping the teams will be, too.

5 we'll miss

Monica Wright
 5. Sarah Williams, JMU: Scholar, leader and one heck of a player.

4. Kita Waller, VCU: We'll especially miss those "Waller the Baller" headlines

3. Tiffany Benson, William and Mary: No more Benson Block parties at Kaplan Arena - but no more of those unsightly bricks from the free-throw line, either.

2. Jessica Canady, ODU: We can still remember you hoisting that state title at Jamestown High. Where has the time gone?

1. Monica Wright, Virginia: Thank God for those (all-too-infrequent) WNBA telecasts.

5 we welcome back

Elizabeth Basham
5. China Crosby, Virginia. After months of ACL rehab, the Cavaliers' "Little Engine That Could" actually can once again.

4. Sam Bilney, Richmond - Great to see Sam back. But is there a rule at Richmond that only one Bilney can play at a time?

3. Elizabeth Basham, Virginia Tech. After missing all of last season with a shoulder injury, Basham will lend experience to an extremely young cast.

2. Brittany Campbell, Liberty - Not to be confused with Brittany Campbell, freshman center at ODU. Good thing these teams don't play each other.

1. Kittery Maine, Liberty. If she drops 20 on someone in a Liberty victory, will that game be dubbed The Maine Event? Sorry about that, Kit.

5 who wear five
Abby Oliver
5. Emily Correal, William and Mary: After one of the best freshman seasons in school history, clearly this kid is the Correal Deal.

4. Alena Voronina, Old Dominion: Alena? Who's that? Oh, you mean "Russia" Voronina? OK, we know who you're talking about now.
3. Brittanni Billups, Longwood: Keep an eye on her. We think she's fixin' to put up huge numbers this season.

2. Abby Oliver, Richmond: Dear Abby: What will the A-10's Sixth Player of the Year do for an encore?

1. Crystal Goring, Richmond (No. 55) - Does this mean she's twice as good as the players who wear just one "5"?

5 newcomers we can't wait to see

Andrea Barbour
5. Tolu Omotola, Liberty: Ex-TCU foward's power could lead to more Liberty glory.

4. Genevieve Okoro, Richmond - Puts the hops in hoops - man, can she jump!

3. Kelsey Wolfe, Virginia - When Debbie Ryan is already talking about putting the ball in Wolfe's hands in clutch situations, you know this must be some freshman.

2. Andrea Barbour, VCU - She's been a flat-out scoring machine at every level (high school, ACC, junior college).

1. Evelyn Lewis, George Mason - Represents the perfect marriage of a player's talents and her team's needs.

5 players with interesting lines in their bio

5. Tolu Omotola, Liberty: "I have three different shoe sizes and they all fit."

4. Courtney Flynn, William and Mary: "Enjoys music, shopping and American muscle cars."

3. Jalissa Taylor, JMU:

Question: What website do you visit most often?
Taylor:, to see if I have any money in my account.

2. Latorri Hines-Allen, Virginia Tech

Question: You wear No. 43 because?
Hines-Allen: "I have three sisters plus my mom equals four and I have two brothers plus one who died equals three."

1. Kanita Shepherd, JMU

Question: What is your favorite part of practice?
Shepherd: The water break.
Question: What is your favorite home-cooked meal?
Shepherd: Mmmmmmmm! Everything my mommy and daddy cook is delicious. I'm a FAT KID.

TUNE IN TOMORROW FOR: Tired lines by players, fans and coaches, "sister, sister" and some headlines we can't wait to read.

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