Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Gimme five! - Part II

Can't wait about Friday's season openers? Then check out our week-long preview - five thoughts on five topics each day for five days. Click here in you missed Monday's edition.

5 tired lines from fans

5. "Get in the game, ref!" - What, you want him/her to start taking shots?

4. "Over-rated!" - Timing is everything with this one. It's awfully humbling to scream this out in the first half, then watch that team roar back and spank your team by 20.

3. "You suck!" - C'mon, folks, you're in college. Can't you express derision with a bit more class?

2. "AIRRRRRR-BAAALLLL!" - This one's especially weak when the opponent rebounds that airball and sticks it back for two points anyway.

1. "Three seconds!" - Be honest. You weren't counting. You just wanted to yell something.

5 tired lines from players

5. "Nobody thought we could do it." - That's probably because most of the time, you don't.

4. "I wasn't focused." - What are you, a camera?

3. "We came to play." - And here we were thinking you came to watch "Jersey Shore."

2. "We weren't ready to play." - Hmmm. So when you were getting your ankles taped, putting on your uniform and warming up, what exactly did you think you were getting ready for?"

1. "We shot ourselves in the foot." - Make a note of that, Coach. From now on, no more guns in the locker room.

5 tired lines from coaches

5. "She always gives 110 percent." - Do the math. It's impossible.

4. Any sentence involving the world "glass" - We don't expect this to go away. Just a personal pet peeve.

3. "I'll take an ugly win over a pretty loss." - Then there are the people who'd rather take a pretty loss. They're called ex-coaches.

2. "Our conference is tough top to bottom." - Maybe. But suppose it really isn't. Aren't you going to tell us it is anyway?

1. "Dead feet, dead meat." - Actually, we like this one. Just wanted to throw it out there. Feel free to add it to your repetoire.

5 with sisters in the game



5. Whitny and Britny Edwards, Virginia - Definitely keeps their cell phone bill down.

4. Sam and Rachael Bilney, Richmond - See Edwards comment.

3. Hanka Musa, Radford - That her little sister Edwina is a freshman at Gardner-Webb will add some juice to the teams' two Big South matchups.

2. Courtney Hamner, James Madison - Younger sister Kelly, a freshman, has dropped her Hamner at Holy Cross.

1. Kirby Burkholder, James Madison: The second-best Burkholder girl in the family (unless Kirby has some one-on-one results we're not aware of) behind Bridgewater senior and big sister Jordan, a first-team All-ODAC pick last season.

5 names that are dreams for headline writer

It's Destiny!

1. China Crosby, Virginia (China breaks record)

2. Kittery Maine, Liberty (Too bad Lady Flames don't play in Maine)

3. Monet Tellier, Va. Tech (Tellier performance a Monet)

4. Destiny Spence, NSU (It's Destiny for Spartans)

5. Bernadette Fortune, Hampton (Pirates' Fortune worth gold)

TUNE IN TOMORROW FOR: Rules changes, Relative-ly speaking, common names, promotion ideas and what's so special about June 17?

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