Tuesday, December 20, 2011

RANDOMNESS with ODU's Ashley Betz-White

Old Dominion's Ashley Betz-White took a breather to share some time with LadySwish for the latest edition of RANDOMNESS. We say a breather, because if you've watched the Lady Monarchs this year, you'll see she rarely comes off the floor despite just being a freshman. The point guard averages 33 minutes and is ODU's second leading scorer, averaging 9.8 ppg. Her 29 assists leads the team and despite being listed at 5-3 (we think she's smaller), she pulls down 3.4 rpg.

Your nickname? Just Ash. Some people in high school called me ABW.

Favorite birthday present (she turned 19 on Dec. 6)?: I got some pink DRE beats, the studio headphones. You put them on and it blocks out everything. You can't hear anything except your music.

So when you're listening to that music, what kind is it? I'm listening to Biggie (Smalls) and "Juicy." That's my song before the game.

You never come off the floor! What's that like? It's hard. I try to bring the same intensity to practice as the game, so it's every day. It's mental. I am in the best shape of my life.

A true freshman starting at Stanford. What's that like? It's overwhelming at first, but you've got to get over it. You step in there and do what you have to do.

You grew up in Pennsylvania. Are you a Steelers fan? Eagles.

What's wrong with them this year? Teamwork. You've got to work together.

Your favorite athlete to watch? I like watching Chris Paul. I like Candace Parker.

Did anyone ever say you were too small? Yeah. When I was being recruited, a lot of people said I was, but I never let that bother me.

Did you ever try to grow when you were a kid? Oh, yeah! Stretching and drinking milk.

You've already been to the Virgin Islands, California, Georgia. Do you like to fly? Oh, no. That turbulence gets to me. I do not like flying. I can't sleep right.

Did you buy any fun souvenirs in the Virgin Islands? Actually my teammates did, but I decided to go shopping at Bebe and bought a dress that I could have gotten here. But there was no tax.

Pet peeve? My sister. We share a bathroom and she would always get out of the shower soaking wet so the carpet would be soaking wet when I go in there.

What would surprise folks about you? When I was little I wanted to be an astronaut.

Now? I want to work for ESPN and be a broadcaster.

Your favorite food? Mac and cheese. My grandma makes the best.

If you could have that mac and cheese with two dinner guests, who would they be? Michael Jordan and Reggie Bush.

Like movies? I like scary movies. A few weeks ago we went to see "Twilight." I never read any of the books, but I saw the movies and liked them.

Do you watch "The Kardashians?" Yep. I didn't think it was going to last.

Biggest adjustment to college? Time management. Balancing classes. Eating right. You're on your own so you've can't rely on anyone else.

What were you thinking when you made your fifth shot in a row against Virginia Tech (her first-ever collegiate game)? I was in a zone.

What player has made an impression on you? I love playing with Tia (Lewis). She's always talking to me. If I make a mistake, she's always bringing me up. She's a good teammate.

Who's the funniest Lady Monarch? Queen. She's always joking. She and Myeisha (Hall) are always dancing.

Who's the most fashion conscious on the team? Me. I like shopping at Bebe, Forever 21, Charlotte Russo, H&M. I love everything. Shoes. Heels. And I always buy dresses.

Why Old Dominion? The tradition. Coming here the past couple year, it has dwindled. I wanted to come in here with the other freshmen and make a difference.

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