Thursday, December 8, 2011

RANDOMNESS with Virginia Tech's Monet Tellier

We're back with RANDOMNESS and our eager (willing?) subject today is Virginia Tech sophomore Monet Tellier. Tellier, a starter in all eight games, averaged 17 ppg and 4.6 rpg and shooting .432 from the field and .455 from behind the arc. As much as we love her game (and we imagine coach Dennis Wolff does, too), we really love her first name. So that's what we start with.

The name? My mom actually did name me after the painter. I actually have three (prints) of his and I have a blanket of one of them, Monet's Garden, hanging on my door.

You grew up in Husky country (Willimantic, Conn.) Did that have an impact on you? I actually grew up right down the street from UConn. My grandfather worked at UConn at one of the facilities. I can remember watching one of the national championships.

Are you a closet Husky fan? Yeah, I have to admit I am. I grew up so close to them. I respect Geno.

Your favorite spot in Blacksburg? Our locker room

Favorite movie? "Space Jam." It used to be "Love and Basketball," but there was a time I watched "Space Jam" three times a day. I have "Space Jam" pajamas and everything.

You're into shopping? I'm addicted to shoes, though I probably don't have as many as other shoe addicts.

Fave pair? Jordans.

What would you like for Christmas? Beats by DRE (headphones)

Push shuffle on your Ipod and what might come up? A lot of R&B songs. Or Drake.

What is this I hear about you and seafood? I absolutely am disgusted by seafood. My mom said I used to love it growing up. Maybe I grew out of it.

What would surprise folks about you? I like owls and snow tigers. I got this gigantic snow tiger on a vacation with my family. Owls are just fascinating animals to watch. And snow tigers are beautiful.

Speaking of owls....I'm a night owl. I'm the furthest thing from a morning person.

Food vice? Sour candy

Pet peeve? People being loud for no reason.

What is the transition like to a new coach this season? Coach Wolff is a more simple coach. He doesn't like all these flashy plays.

You were on the national adidas Candace Parker team in 2009. What was that like? It was a great experience. I got to travel to Japan and play different college teams. I got to meet Candace Parker. She's amazing. She's a very humble person.

Who do you like to watch? Diana Taurasi. She was in the national championship game I was watching when I was young. I think it was her second one. Also Dwyane Wade.

Your major was general studies, but now? It's human development, childhood and adolescent. I'd like to put my own gym or recreation center in a bad place.

On TV, you like...."Phineas & Ferb," "Jersey Shore"

Has it always been about basketball? I played football until I was 9. Every position except lineman. I played softball up until high school. I was in love with softball. Then I started playing AAU basketball and made new friendships. It was so much fun to me.

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  1. Perhaps I am bias. I love this young lady!!
    The transformation into young adulthood is unique for everyone. This young lady is truely blossoming!!! Go Hokies!

  2. I enjoyed reading your interview.I am very proud of your accomplishments. You are my pride and joy!!! Love you Sooooo much!!!