Monday, November 7, 2011

Randomness with George Mason's Amber Easter

What is RANDOMNESS? Just what it sounds like. A series of questions and answers in no particular order for no particular reason.

We like to have fun at LadySwish and we like to get inside the heads of the players who make up this sport. Our new feature "Randomness" is one way we'll be doing that this season.

We start "Randomness" with George Mason's Amber Easter.

Is Easter your favorite holiday?
No, it's not. That would have to be Thanksgiving. I spend it with my family; we all eat and then go to sleep.

Hampton native that you are, what's your favorite spot in your hometown?
Peninsula Town Center. I love to shop.

Forever 21.

On your Christmas list....
One of those tablets from Verizon.

Movie you can't get enough of?
"Shark Tale"

You collect....?
All hotel keys. I have one from Florida with SpongeBob and Patrick on it (her fave).

Kobe or Lebron?

Maya or Candace?
Seimone Augustus.

Spot you love on the Mason campus?
Jackson Center

What others probably don't know...
In high school I was a band geek. I played all the percussion instruments -- xylophone, bells, marimba.

Anything else?
I was a cheerleader and danced. I loved cheerleading.

Who's a better player. You or your mom (Mom Betty Fulgham played at Virginia Union).
Me. We play all the time and she's a bully.

Her best shot?
A right hand hook shot.

One-dribble pull-up.

Funnest teammate
Christine Weithman. We have sunglasses parties every night.

Road trip you're looking most forward to?
Norfolk State (Jan. 2). It's near home plus my mom works there. (She's an accountant.)

Dream dinner guests?
Chris Brown and Michael Jordan.

And you'd eat?

Best part of being a psychology major?
Using what I learn in class on my teammates. Once they figure it out, they get really mad at me and tell me I shouldn't be doing it.

Push shuffle on your Ipod and what could come up?
"Racks" by Young Chris

In 10 years you hope to be.....
Coaching or playing basketball

Dream day (other than the Patriots walloping an opponent):
A spa day. The works. All expenses paid, mud bath, facial, etc.

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