Monday, December 7, 2009

A rivalry is born?

Virginia's Monica Wright doesn't take losing to in-state teams lightly.

“It is very tough,” the Cavaliers star told the Charlottesville Daily Progress after the Cavaliers' 75-73 loss to JMU Sunday. “When you look back at how UVa has done against JMU in the past, it is just tough to accept this loss. I just think that we need to realize what kind of reputation that we carry here at UVa with in-state rivalries and in-state teams. “It is very unacceptable.”

The Cavaliers may have four more chances to defend its state honor this season, including a home-and-home series with ACC rival Virginia Tech and a Feb. 16 meeting with Longwood. Virginia could also meet Liberty later this month if, as expected, both teams advance to the final of UVa.'s Cavalier Classic Dec. 28-29.


  1. A rivaly is born? It'd be nice to think so. BUT, in '86 JMU beat a No. 1 seeded-Virginia team in the NCAA tourney. After a few more close contests the annual series ended in 1989. The two had only met once since then. Until yesterday. And you can bet it wasn't the Dukes that couldn't find room in their schedules.

    On a positive note, the two are apparently scheduled to play in Harrisonburg next season. But after that??? I wouldn't hold my breath.

  2. JMU should set the school record for attendance when these teams meet next year. Say, we've followed the Dukes on radio but have yet to see them in person this year. I assume you have, so what do you think of them. I mean, just how good are they?

  3. I think they can be a special team this year. There's something about the way they've played this season that goes beyond stats and individual analysis. Let's see how they respond to Dawn Evan's absence over the next few weeks.

  4. It's going to be tough; their whole offense is built around and for her. The good news is JMU may have already done enough to build a solid at-large NCAA case should the Dukes fail to win the CAA. The Virginia win is huge, of course, and the Georgetown victory looks better every day. Liberty's a decent win, too. Plus, the NCAA committee takes into account a key injury. Should the Dukes suffer a bad loss or two in the coming weeks, the fact that Evans didn't play will be considered. It's just one more reason why Dawn shouldn't even think about rushing back. The program will be fine in her absence. She needs to make sure she's fine, too.