Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Introducing Abby Redick

NOTE: This story was done in November, 2009 as Redick was beginning her career at Virginia Tech. She has since transferred to Drexel. 

Join us for another installment in our series of getting to know some of the top freshmen in the state. Virginia Tech's Abby Redick shared a few thoughts with us, and even though we tried not to ask her all about her big brother, she brought him up before we could.

What do you want for Christmas?

I don't know. This year my family drew names. I got JJ's. It's tough because I don't know what he needs. But really what I want is to spend time with my family. We're all going down to Orlando.

You led Hidden Valley High School to a pair of state championships and play in the ACC yourself. It must be tough hearing about your brother all the time. The Washington Post just wrote about you, yet there's a Q&A with him!

I've gotten used to it. Yes, he's a big superstar, but in reality, to me, he's my big brother and I'm his little sister.

Were you a regular at his college games at Duke?

I went to all of his home games. It was a cool atmosphere at Duke. We'd get back late on a school night and I'd sleep in the car. My dad did all the driving.

You're averaging 4.6 points, 4 boards and have nailed 3 of your first 5 long ball attempts. Have you had a freshman moment yet?

Actually I have. I've had a lane violation. I never had one in four years of high school. She just took forever to shoot the foul shots.

Why Tech?

I've always wanted to play in the ACC. The summer before my senior year, I tore my ACL. Tech remained loyal with their offer. My immediate family does live on the East Coast. I feel Tech is where the Lord wants me to be.

JJ is not the only athlete in your family. How incredible that every Redick child has played Division I sports. In addition to JJ, twin sisters Catie and Alyssa played basketball for Campbell and brother David is a tight end at Marshall.

We've saved my parents some money on college tuition.

So shooting hoops in the driveway was a big deal when you were younger?

We actually live off a graval driveway. That helped with our ballhandling skills.
Are you guys pretty competitive off court? Board games?

We like Scrabble. My mom usually wins that, or my dad. We get a kick out of Fish Bowl Celebrity, too.

Your favorite book, movie?

"Remember the Titans." And the Bible. I never seem to finish that.

I assume you follow sports pretty closely.

I like the Magic. I really like watching all sports. I trained once with Kobe Bryant and we talked a lot about work ethic. I really respect that about him.

Let's get back to Christmas. What was your best one?

Being the youngest in the family, I always had the great anticipation for Christmas day -- my brothers and sisters always wanted to sleep in. My mom has this tradition of making cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning. I love waking up to that. I remember one year, we were all snowed in. Where we live is really remote -- the closest family is like 100 yards away. So we all stayed in and I remember playing with everything new that we got with just my family. That was a great Christmas.

That's great, Abby. Hope this one is just as special.

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