Monday, January 9, 2012

Hampton vs. Rutgers in Norfolk? Who knows? That would be Creme

It's way too early, but we never mind passing along Charlie Creme's latest bracketology for the NCAA Tournament.

The LadySwish highlights:

*Creme projects Hampton as a No. 14 seed meeting No. 3 Rutgers in the first round in Norfolk.

*Unlike his initial bracketology, Virginia slides into his latest as a No. 8 seed projected to meet No. 9 Princeton in the first round.

*The CAA is rewarded with two bids. Projected champ Delaware is a No. 5 versus Wichita State (we think Tina Martin would do cartwheels as a No. 5), and high flying Hofstra would be a No. 10.

*Richmond is listed among Creme's "first four out." We hope not. The Spiders, at 12-3, continue to overachieve.

*Creme's No. 1s are no surprise: UConn, Notre Dame, Stanford.

But as any coach would tell you -- a lot of time remaining......

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