Tuesday, January 31, 2012

RANDOMNESS with William and Mary's Emily Correal

We know how to pick great subjects. And that surely is the case with zany William and Mary junior Emily Correal (14.4 ppg, 9.4 rpg, 22 blocks), who shared lots of fun thoughts with us for the latest edition of RANDOMNESS.

So we hear you are addicted to Temple Run?

I was when I first tried it. Now I love "Words with Friends." I haven't lost since the first time I played. I played against my sister. I played against all of my teammates. I played against one of my old coaches.

So we confess, we spied W&M's 20 questions with you. In it you mention liking Justin Bieber....

Well, I saw the Justin Bieber movie, and I was impressed with how talented he was as a child. He used to sing lots of oldies. I'm not really a Justin Bieber fan now.

You take 700 shots a week, eh? Whatcha working on most? 

Either my short jumper or finishing around the rim.

Your signature shot?

Either a turnaround jumper in the post, the hook or faking it one way and going to the other side.

Was it always basketball for you?

Actually I danced for about 12 years: tap, jazz, ballet, points, hip hop. I was into the performing arts. I mainly did recitals, but I was with this group called Steel City Kids. We went to DisneyWorld once. I also took voice lessons.

Tell us about your voice.

I love singing Patsy Cline (we asked her to sing her fave, "Walkin' After Midnight," but she declined citing "stage fright," recalling an episode in middle school).

I sang The Star-Spangled Banner before a game, my voice cracked, and I just started laughing.

You chose basketball over the arts?

It was crazy doing both, so I had to make a choice. I danced until middle school.

What else is on your Ipod?

I like Adele, Beyonce. I used to like the Dave Mathews Band.

Your favorite website (besides LadySwish)?

If Twitter doesn't count, I'd say stumble upon.com

You're from Steeler country. Who is your favorite player?

I like Hines Ward. I watched when he was on "Dancing with the Stars," and he won. I also like Tim Tebow. I met him. When were were playing a tournament in Florida my freshman year, he was playing at Florida. I told everybody I would meet Tim Tebow. Everybody just laughed at me, and said, 'OK, Emily.' " The last day we were there we were outside of Florida's stadium and everybody was on the bus except me. Then I saw him. He just turned the corner. He had just showered after practice. I wish I could have acted mature, but I acted like a crazy fan and started shouting, "Tebow! I love you!" I got my picture taken with him and then the team got their picture taken with him.

You like "The Kardashians"?

I like Kourtney Kardashian. She's so cute with her son. He's adorable.

Speaking of kids, you're going to be an aunt?

A first-time aunt. My sister (Sarah) is pregnant, due May 12. My mom and I were in the bookstore looking at a cute Tribe cheerleading outfit.

Your favorite meal is the hamburger stew your mom makes. If you could share that meal with three others, who would they be?

Tim Tebow, Bob Marley -- we listen to his music all the time on the way to the beach -- and my grandmother, who just passed away.

What was it like to get that win over Old Dominion?

For me, it was like any other game. I was just so happy to win because we had been in a losing slump. I knew we could beat them. It was good for our program. Everybody in the area was so excited for us. People in the community came up to me and congratulated me.

Who do you like to watch?

I'm one of these people who can't standing watching, I want to play. When I do watch, I like women's college basketball, but my favorite player is Candace Parker.

A movie you watch over and over?

"Clueless." And I love all the sappy love stories -- "The Notebook," "A Walk to Remember."

You're a marketing major. What's in the future?

I want to play overseas. I want to be a broadcaster -- the next Erin Andrews. Maybe an actress. I'm overly ambitious.

Bet you didn't know.....

I cut my hair myself when I was a little kid and hid it in my dollhouse.

Why W&M?

I made my decision on my visit. I also visited Richmond and Delaware. I got along really well with all the girls, and that was important. I love the campus; I love the prestigious academic reputation, and I love the coaches. Everything just clicked.

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